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Exciting things to do in Atlanta

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I am Yura Matskevich, traveled around 74 countries, travel is my passion, on pages I share useful information.

CappadociaAtlanta attracts tourists from all over the continent of America, as well as people from all over the world. Some people come to this city to enjoy sightseeing, somebody comes to participate in conferences or on business. Here everyone can find something for himself. What to do in this beautiful tourist city? Have a look at the list of fun things to do in Atlanta and plan your journey!


Thing to do in Atlanta number 1: Visit the headquarters of CNN

headquarters of CNNCNN is the well-known news network in the USA. Currently, CNN includes:

  1. 14 different cable and satellite news channels,
  2. 2 radio stations,
  3. 6 Internet sites,
  4. 37 overseas offices.

There was the first broadcast of news in  Atlanta which topic was devoted to Vernon Jordan. Nowadays you should visit this place as it presents:

  1. a huge atrium,
  2. a local landmark,
  3. a kind of museum open for tourists and residents.

What to see here?  Find out more about the work at the TV channel and the process of creation of news.

Interesting: Don’t leave CNN without choosing some souvenir from the shops located here which offer a great variety of things with the symbols of the studio. If you come here with kids, visit the souvenir shop Cartoon Network.


Thing to do in Atlanta number 2: Go to the Hartsfield-Jackson

Hartsfield-JacksonIt is known for being one of the largest US airports which is situated about 11 km south of the center of Atlanta. It is ranked the 7th in the whole world by an intensity of the passenger traffic. By 30s the airport has become the 3d busiest in the USA. During the World War II it played an important role of a military airfield of the US Department of Defense. The airport’s altitude is 313 meters above sea level, its area is about 1,000 hectares.

It looks like 2 thousand football fields:

  • 5 runways of different lengths – 3048, 3776 meters,
  • 3 bands ( 2743 meters).

Interesting: More than 95 million of passages use the services of this airport during the year.


Thing to do in Atlanta number 3: Visit Coca-Cola museum!

This place is a must for those who can’t start the day without a coke can! Coca-Cola is the most popular drink, that’s why it even has its own museum devoted to the history of its appearance. Why is it in Atlanta? The answer is simple: here the history of the carbonated beverages has started. The year 1886 is known for the beginning of sales of the drink prepared according to the recipe of the local pharmacist John Pemberton who is considered to be an inventor of this drink. Coke has become famous very fast not only inside the US but around the entire world. This brand is one of the most expensive in history. What to look at here?

Coca-Cola Museum consists of:

  1. several halls where you can find out more about the history of the drink and get information about the beverage corporation as well as their in various countries.
  2. the foyer of the museum with large Coke bottles.
  3. the room with the posters of the drink of different times and countries, the changes occurred to the vending machines.
  4. 2 cinemas with the documentaries about Coke and commercials.

Interesting: Love Coca-Cola much? Then don’t miss a chance to take a free bottle in the last room of the museum.


Thing to do in Atlanta number 4: Go shopping to Lenox Square

Lenox SquareThis place is a must for women! You will be impressed by this luxury shopping center which area is 140,000 square meters! There are 250 stores! Besides shopping, you can rest in a cozy café. In 1959 when the center was opened there were only 60 stores there. However, the demands of customers were growing and as a result the center has increased much due to the modernization. Here you can find well-known brand like:

  1. Diesel,
  2. Bulgari,
  3. Cartier,
  4. Salvatore Ferragamo.

Interesting: Become one of the 35 million people who visit this shopping center every year! The half of them is tourists.


Thing to do in Atlanta number 5: Visit Georgia Aquarium

Don’t forget to go to the largest aquarium in the world which is located here. It is a home for more than 120,000 sea animals representing 500 various species. Sea can be found in 5 different galleries:

  1. Georgia Explorer,
  2. Tropical Diver,
  3. Ocean Voyager,
  4. Cold-Water Quest,
  5. River Scout.

What does it mean? Each of them displays its own environment. For example, Georgia Explorer has the inhabitants of the coast of Georgia while River Scout is a home to the unique inhabitants of the freshwater environment. Cold-Water animals of the polar regions of the world:

  1. belugas,
  2. California sea lions,
  3. Japanese crabs,
  4. African black-footed penguins.

Ocean Voyager shows about 100 thousand fish. This exhibition’s aim is to show the life of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. You will definitely like the 100-foot underwater tunnel!

Interesting: Tropical Diver presents a lot of interesting forms of underwater life like reef with live coral.


Thing to do in Atlanta number 6: Go for a walk to the Centennial Olympic Park

the Centennial Olympic ParkThis park appeared in honor of the Olympic Games in Georgia in 1996. With the aim to impress the Olympic committee and guests, the city was turned into a beautiful park. The amount of $ 28 million was invested in its construction. And about additional $15 for improving its infrastructure.

What to do here nowadays?

  1. To have a rest breathing fresh air,
  2. To admire the large beautiful fountain of the zigzag shape of the height of 4-10 meters.

Around the fountain you will see the flags of the countries which took part in the Summer Olympics in 1996.

Interesting: While walking in the park you will see many sculptures with the most famous one- the father of the modern Olympic- Pierre de Coubertin.


Thing to do in Atlanta number 7: Atlanta History Center

History Center of Atlanta,founded in 1926, can boast with 12 major exhibitions which main themes are the following:

  1. history of the Olympic Games,
  2. the American Civil War,
  3. the development of folk art,
  4. the history of the Indians who lived before the arrival of the first settlers from Europe.

Here you will find old houses and gardens which are open to the public. The most popular is the Swan House that got its name due to the great number of sculptures of swans. The area of the History Center is more than 20 hectares! Here there are annual seminars held by:

  1. writers,
  2. historians,
  3. scientists,
  4. public people.

Interesting: If you come here with kids, then you will be able to leave them in the children’s play area with a lot of entertainment.


Thing to do in Atlanta number 8: Go to the Emory University

the Emory UniversityThis is a private research institution which includes 9 schools and colleges which specialize in the study of:

  1. art history,
  2. religion,
  3. medicine,
  4. economics,
  5. law disciplines.

The University was originally opened in 1836 in Oxford, it was founded by the representatives of the Protestant Church. It got its name after John Emory who was a famous religious figure. In 1915, the University moved to Atlanta, where the founders had seen much better prospects for the development. The main campus on Druid Hills is decorated with wonderful gardens. Among the most remarkable places on campus there are the following:

  1. Michael C. Carlos Museum, specializing in eastern exposure,
  2. the Library of Robert Woodruff, which stores rare editions of books by authors such as Daniel Defoe and Alice Walker,
  3. the Reserve Lullvoter, representing 4 hectares of green space and lakes.

Interesting: It was founded by the representatives of the Protestant Church. It got its name after John Emory who was a famous religious figure.


Thing to do in Atlanta number 9: Visit Philips Arena

Philips ArenaAdmire sports? Then don’t pass by an indoor sports complex! This place is a home to:

  1. “Atlanta Hawks” of the NBA,
  2. “Atlanta Dream” from the Women’s United States Basketball Association.

Until recently, you could find hockey club “Atlanta Thrashers” that moved to Canada in 2011. Construction of Philips Arena began in 1997 and held its grand opening in September 1999. The construction works were rather expensive: $ 210- 290 million. The design is quite spectacular. However, the internal infrastructure more than compensates the controversial design. Philips Arena specializes in organizing music concerts.

Among those who have already performed on stage were:

  1. the U-2,
  2. Metallica,
  3. Green Day,
  4. Paul McCartney,
  5. Britney Spears.

Interesting: Want to see alive Britney or other famous person? This is quiet good place for such meetings.


Thing to do in Atlanta number 10: Atlanta zoo

It was founded in 1889. At the moment there are more than 1,000 animals of 250 various species. Among them you can find the giant panda. Why is this zoo so popular? One of the reasons is the birth of two giraffes and toucans, live gorillas and orangutans.

How to spend time with your family:

  1. Enjoy a variety of attractions for kids;
  2. Visit souvenir shops and cafes;
  3. Have regular live entertainment and educational activities for your children.

Interesting: Zoo has been involved in activities for the conservation of giant pandas together with Chinese experts.


Thing to do in Atlanta number 11: Visit the Art Museum in Atlanta

 the Art Museum in AtlantaLike high-tech style? Visit the outdoor Peachtree where you can find the best collection of classical and contemporary art. Towering atrium contains four internal level galleries. At the first level there are works of art XVIII and XIX centuries, and at the last one there are masterpieces of modern artists and sculptors. The permanent collection of the museum contains more than 13 thousand exhibits, among which there are:

  1. paintings,
  2. photographs,
  3. sculptures.

Interesting: If you love art, then you will definitely admire exhibitions of classical and contemporary art.


Thing to do in Atlanta number 12: Museum of Natural History

One of the best museums in the city was opened in 1992. There is quite a rich collection of exhibits. If you are interested in the dinosaurs, you need to visit the museum hall devoted entirely to the dinosaurs. In other halls there are exhibitions that tell the history of Atlanta by the example of soil cuts and changes in the flora and fauna. There are exhibitions devoted to different spheres:

  1. archeology,
  2. ecology,
  3. geology.

The museum exhibition has been created in order to show visitors the connection between all the sciences and the influence on each other.

Interesting: These exhibitions will be particularly useful for your children.


Thing to do in Atlanta number 13: Have a walk in the Grant Park

the Grant ParkThis is one of the oldest parks in the USA. The history of the park dates back to 1882, when the engineer and a successful businessman Lemuel Grant had 40 hectares of land at the disposal of the city. His house was located on the territory since 1853 and now it is a historical monument. In the future, the territory expanded, and numerous buildings appeared. Closer to 1905 Grant Park boundaries were completely formed. Today, visitors can enjoy many things here:

  1. relax,
  2. walk among green spaces,
  3. admire the fountains and small ponds.
  4. Spend time with kids at the large playground.

Interesting: Every year 2 million people come to the Grant Park.


Thing to do in Atlanta number 14: Atlanta Botanical Garden

An area of the garden is ​​12 hectares. It is located near Piedmont Park in the center of Atlanta. The Botanical Garden was created with the aim of cultivating and maintaining collections of plants to the delight of many visitors. Visitors can admire not only the rich fauna, but also exhibitions that are periodically held in the territory of the Botanical Garden. One of the distinguishing features of this botanical garden is a large collection of orchids, which is a part of the exhibition called “Fascination of Orchids” which is offered to the visitors in winter annually. Besides, you can visit the small tropical grove, inhabited by tropical birds and turtles. Since 2007 there has been a large-scale expansion of the garden.

Now it is ready to welcome tourists and to show:

  1. visitor center,
  2. an indoor walking park of 180 meters.

Interesting: In 2004 there was an exhibition of works from the glass, which was attended by 425,000 people during 8 months.


Thing to do in Atlanta number 15: Visit the Fine Arts Center

the Fine Arts CenterKallanvold is a mansion, located on the territory of 5 hectares in the town of Druid Hills, adjacent to Atlanta. The name “Kallanvold” has appeared from the word “Callan” which is the name of the Irish town where one of the heirs of the mansion was born) and “Wald” means “forest.” At present, the territory of the mansion is occupied by the Fine Arts Center, which offers a lot of fun things to do:

  1. master classes,
  2. workshops for everybody interested in the science, fine art and literature.

Throughout the year you can visit:

  1. exhibitions,
  2. performance events,
  3. charity events.

Moreover, Kallanvold specializes in weddings and corporate meetings for up to 250 people. This mansion was built in 1917 in the style of late Gothic architecture. It will be interesting to look at it if you like the Gothic architecture. Thanks to the walnut panels and stained-glass windows you can feel unique spirit of old times and romance being here. There is also a large patio with a lovely manicured garden.

Interesting: Not surprisingly, the wealthy residents of Atlanta conducted here weddings and family celebrations.


Thing to do in Atlanta number 16: Amusement Park “Six Flags over Georgia”

Thanks to the well-known Corporation Six Flags Entertainment, which is actively engaged in the construction and development of amusement parks in the US, major amusement park in Atlanta was opened in 1967. Undoubtedly, your children will be happy to visit this park where you can find a great number of things to do! There is a roller coaster and especially popular attractions “Goliath” and “Dare Devil”, where thrill seekers can fully enjoy the feeling of vertical descent with a 95-meter height. Of course, there is a plenty of other attractions, including:

  1. a Ferris wheel,
  2. a plurality of carousels,
  3. the railway,
  4. the famous House of Monsters.

Interesting: The total area of ​​this oasis of pleasure and entertainment is about 120 hectares.


Thing to do in Atlanta number 17: Visit Plaza Theatre

Plaza TheatreThis place is not just a tourist attraction in Atlanta but first of all it is the oldest theatre of the city. Most citizens know it as a cinema specialized in:

  1. horror movies,
  2. science fiction films.

The opening of the Theatre Plaza was held in December 1939. Tourists admire its design developed by the well-known American architect George Harvell Bond. There were not only movies and theater performances. Since 1970, the Theatre Plaza management decided to focus its activities on attracting adult audience: in addition to horror films screenings of erotic films and performances of a burlesque show were added to the repertoire. The 70th anniversary of the theater was great due to the show of classic films like “Back to the Future,” “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Friday the 13th”. In 2012, the Theatre Plaza was sold to a new owner, who has managed to make the interior even more beautiful and comfortable. It was decided to change the specialization of theater with the expectation of a wider audience.

Interesting: Now there are mostly movies for the family viewing. That’s why it may become a good choice for spending an evening with the family.


Thing to do in Atlanta number 19: Visit Design Museum

If you walk along the Peachtree Street in the central part of the city you should definitely visit the museum specialized in the history of modern design.  Museum of Design Atlanta has the total area of ​ 850 square meters, 600 meters is reserved for the exhibition. The exposition hall is equipped with the latest technology: video system with ceiling digital projectors, an excellent sound system and lighting, which is activated in response to movements of the person. There was the Water Dream exhibition devoted to the design of bathrooms and the history of their development, and soon after it there was the opening of the exhibition dedicated to the evolution of skateboarding, which dates back to the middle of the last century as well as the study of the influence of visual range on the popularity of special equipment among teenagers.

Interesting: Besides exhibitions, you can have great time visiting training seminars intended for all age groups. This means that you can take the whole family and spend time leaning something new.


Thing to do in Atlanta number 20: Go to the Fox Theatre

the Fox TheatreAbout a century ago the Fox theatre was known for:

  1. the best feature films,
  2. the most prestigious performances,
  3. shows.

Tourists admire its luxurious interior, capable to impress even the most sophisticated theater-goer. The interior design of Theatre Fox has absorbed a lot of Eastern influences:

  1. gilded pillars decorated with Asian motifs,
  2. miniature sculptures of Asian deities with the upper part of the body of the dome reminiscent of the mosque.

The Fox Theatre was opened on the initiative of William Fox – one of the pioneers of the film industry the USA – to show the films of his own film company Fox Film.

Interesting: The theater has 5000 seats and welcomes a lot of tourists every year.


Thing to do in Atlanta number 21: Breath fresh air of the Piedmont Park

The park is situated a mile north-east of the city center of Atlanta. Over the years, this park has become one of the most visited places as it is also the sports center of the city. How can you enjoy yourself here:

  1. have a picnic,
  2. play baseball at the special field where there are regular matches at the state championship among university teams,
  3. play tennis at the courts,
  4. play soccer as there are two fields for soccer fans,
  5. enjoy beach volleyball,
  6. swim in the pool,
  7. have fun cycling,
  8. enjoy rollerblading,
  9. go fishing,
  10. swim in the lake.

Interesting: Everyone will find something for his taste here. By the way, there is a special entertainment zone for kids.



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I am Yura Matskevich, traveled around 74 countries, travel is my passion, on pages I share useful information.

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