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I am Yura Matskevich, traveled around 74 countries, travel is my passion, on pages I share useful information.

travel destinationsBeauty is a subjective concept, but looking at the fascinating and beautiful places in the world, created by nature itself, the realization comes that the beauty is all around us and it is impossible not to notice it. Traditional tourist routes often do not cover even a small part of what was created by the most talented tandem of “architects” – time and nature. Here you will find an overview of surprising in its aesthetic and unique features of the landscape beautiful places on the planet which will allow to understand that true beauty doesn’t differentiate with the availability, but it is worth overcoming the obstacles in order to see a miracle – the most beautiful places in the world which are the top travel destinations at the same time are here presented for your attention in the virtual tour around the world!


Travel destination number 1. Lake of Uyuni in Bolivia

Lake of Uyuni in BoliviaLake of Uyuni is considered to be the most beautiful place in the world. Undoubtedly, the top of the most beautiful places in the world which have been chosen by tourists include a unique, the largest salt lake area – a place where time slows down. Surprisingly, on the surface, you can take a walk! In the rainy season the Uyuni salt marsh transforms into a massive beautiful mirror area. At 3 km from the eponymous town there is the cemetery, which has become the last stop for a variety of steam locomotives that once served as vehicles for the transport of minerals produced from the local mines.

Within the salt desert there are located:

  1. entire islands
  2. cacti flora

The spectacle is so contradictory and beautiful that is inexcusable not to capture it with your camera!

Interesting: The surface of the marsh has become the best alternative to the ocean areas in adjusting the operation of tools for sensing satellites in orbit.


Travel destination number 2. The Cinque Terre

The Cinque TerreCinque Terre is a beautiful national park in Italy in the east Bohemian Riviera. This beautiful place is permeated with the spirit of the Italian Middle Ages. Located on the territory of five small villages, the architecture of which is represented by protective buildings belonging to the distant days of pirate attacks in this area, the Cinque Terre is really worth visiting! Reliable protection of land was provided by the rocky coastline, it is just as picturesque as it is dangerous.

This beautiful area is full of romance:

  1. stone beaches
  2. narrow trails

Interesting: One of trails has the name of the mysterious “Path of Love” and is full of a lot of legends about the most noble and temperamental inhabitants of Europe.


Travel destination number 3. Pamukkale

 PamukkaleSouthwestern Turkey is interesting thanks to its unique and very beautiful geological phenomenon – rock of tufa. At this point streams originate flowing along the stone steps, forming waterfalls which are unique in its origin as well as the pools

Pamukkale, a wonderful place in Turkey, where there are just two “wonders of the world” :

  1. the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis
  2. unique thermal hot springs

The water temperature reaches 40 degrees, the air is also very hot, up to 35 degrees. If you are a connoisseur of natural beauty and ancient civilizations, you should definitely visit Pamukkale – a place rich in not only historical and cultural values, but also unique natural phenomena. Pamukkale means “Cotton Castle” and is a health resort. Cotton Castle is the place poetically called in such a way by the inhabitants of this beautiful landscape.

Ancient Greeks used to treat here. The treatment is based on receiving the thermal baths, mud baths and drinking mineral water, in combination with other treatments. The water in Pamukkale has wonderful healing and rejuvenating properties. Thermal water cures:

  1. rheumatism,
  2. rickets,
  3. Cardiovascular diseases,
  4. neurological diseases,
  5. skin diseases
  6. gastrointestinal diseases,
  7. lumbago,
  8. psoriasis and eczema,
  9. fatigue and stress.

Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Pamukkale for a course of rehabilitation, wellness and therapeutic procedures.

Interesting: Thermal springs and natural terraces of Pamukkale at the foot of the mountains attract many tourists, as they are a storehouse of calcium-rich water on the background of the magnificent scenery in the white color.


Travel destination number 4. Yunnan rice terraces

Yunnan rice terracesAnother incredibly beautiful place on Earth is rice fields in China, located in the mountains of Yunnan. Terraces have a length of several tens of kilometers and exactly follow the curve of the terrain. The uniqueness of this area is in the nature of an independent ecological system. Rice is planted in the soil of mountain springs updated in February, the beginning of autumn which is the time of harvest. At this time, the terrace looks like the riveting inexperienced smooth surface from which the sun’s rays are reflected, creating breathtakingly beautiful color spectrum:

  1. In summer: it is bright green shoots;
  2. In autumn: mountain slopes take on a magical golden and scarlet color,
  3. In the period from November to April: beautiful terraces look especially wonderful

Interesting: The tourist season opens in late autumn and lasts until the middle of spring.


Travel destination number 5. Great Blue Hole in Belize

Great Blue Hole In the central part of the atoll which is one of the objects of the coral barrier reef off the coast of Belize there is an amazingly beautiful landscape –a blue hole which is leaving the depths of the cave. This phenomenon is widespread in nature but the Big Blue Hole impresses with its size:

  1. its depth is 120 meters
  2. the diameter is 300 meters

This destination is extremely popular with the divers who are fond of extreme and the paradise for those who made a diving the meaning of their life.

Interesting:  Here Jacques-Yves Cousteau who is known all over the world was making his research thanks to whom this place became so famous.


Travel destination number 6. Arizona Wave

Arizona WaveOn the border between Utah and Arizona in the territory of the Colorado Plateau there is a beautiful formation of sandstone rocks which is called the wave due to:

  1. the bizarre irregular shape
  2. the predominance of saturated colors

To get to this place of pilgrimage which is especially loved by the experienced photographers who specialize in landscape photography, it is necessary to overcome a full-fledged “obstacle course” that has arisen due to the lack of roads.

Interesting: The peculiar structure of the beautiful landscape was being created for a long time with the help of transforming sand dunes into solid rocks.


Travel destination number 7. Jiuzhaigou National Park

Jiuzhaigou National ParkIn the south-eastern part of China there is Sichuan Province, which attracts many tourists with the range of places worth seeing:

  1. the delightfully beautiful Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve, located in the north of the region, is a unique protected natural site.
  2. Many waterfalls and lakes which are hidden from the prying eyes of the Tibetan mountains which because of the special composition of water were named the color lakes

Not everyone could get there for a long time but recently the airport that was opened in the mountainous region has provided an opportunity to get here from Shanghai taking the direct flight. Mountain trails here have been ennobled for tourists.

Interesting: Earlier in the territory nine settlements were established, which gave the name to the future nature reserve – “Valley of nine villages.”


Travel destination number 8. Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice LakesCroatia can also boast with one of the most beautiful places in the world – the land of the mysterious and colorful lakes. We are talking about the Plitvice lakes which are located on the territory of the scale of the national park of the state. The surrounding countryside is immersed in the atmosphere of mysticism. Around the park you can see the dense impassable thicket which has been called the “Devil’s forest” by the locals.

All 16 lakes are located in a mountain valley. They are connected with each other, so that the pure water flows form grandiose noisy waterfalls.. The total area of ​​the waters is two square kilometers. They are located on different levels, two ponds form the beautiful complex which includes:

  1. Upper Lakes
  2. Lower Lakes.

Interesting: Every year the number of falls increases as water destroys the limestone rocks


Travel destination number 9. Valley of Ten Peaks in Canada

Valley of Ten Peaks in CanadaCanada – the harsh land, but it is attractive with its natural beauty of ice. Here we find one of the most beautiful natural sites in the world – the valley “Ten Peaks”, located at the foot of the mountains with ten single name Vekchemna which is situated near Lake Moraine of the glacial origin. Lake can be called the pearl of Banff National Park. There are a lot of hiking trails that allow evaluating the local landmark.

On the shores of Moraine you can see:

  1. Thick and green pine trees spreading out and shading the incredible colored water.
  2. various kinds of large animals: most often pumas, deer, grizzly.

Interesting: One of the views on the mountain has been called the “$ 20”, as once the identical image was present on the bill of the mentioned merits.


Travel destination number 10. Mount Roraima

Mount RoraimaThis beautiful mountain is a kind of symbol of the neighborhood of the South American countries of Venezuela and Brazil. Roraima presents a few mountain ranges, towering among the wilds of the Amazon.. If you are a person of some creative profession like the writer or an artist, you should definitely visit this place because:

  1. The landscape and the atmosphere are able to give you the impression of isolation from the real world
  2. Mount Roraima is are an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Interesting: The fame of this place is acquired after it was indicated in Conan Doyle’s novel of the time when the Earth was inhabited by dinosaurs and the mountains served their reliable shelter


Travel destination number 11. Maldives

MaldivesThe archipelago of the plurality, if to be more exact, of more than thousands of small islands, each of which is a private paradise for tourists which is located in the Indian Ocean. Turquoise water, sandy white beaches, exotic fruits – this is everything that is associated with such a great place as heavenly beautiful place Maldives which can be a perfect destination for:

  1. family holidays,
  2. active recreation

If you like diving, then this place is exactly what you need to master it and learn to perfection, as the visibility under water is close to perfect.

Interesting: Some uninhabited islands offer solitude and provide you with the chance to organize a nice romantic date.


Travel destination number 12. Machu Picchu in Peru

Machu PicchuThe beautiful city of Machu Picchu was founded in the 13th century by the leader of the tribe of Inca Pachacutec. One hundred years later his empire was conquered by the Spaniards but the city still has a reputation of the lost sacred refuge of the Incas. This place is perfect for tourists who admire mystery and secrets. The mystery of this beautiful place is hidden in history of this place: after the foreign invasion all the inhabitants of the city have disappeared for unknown reasons.

The architectural filling of the city is represented by:

  1. temples
  2. rooms for the needs of the population.

All the buildings are made of stone slabs. The ephemeral spirit of worship of the Sun God is present in this mountainous area and makes experiencing profound awe.

Interesting: It should also be noted that Machu Picchu is included in the list of “New 7 Wonders of the World.”


Travel destination number 13. Monument Valley in the US

Monument Valley in the USIn the north-eastern region of the State of Arizona you can observe the geological object which is the American people can be proud of and which has the right to be included in our list of the top travel destinations around the most beautiful places on Earth. The park is unique because it is a set of fantastic rocks outlined against the background of the desert landscape of one of the parts of the Colorado Plateau.

This beautiful area is often chosen by Hollywood directors working in the style of “Western”. If you are fond of this genre, then visit this place to feel the atmosphere of:

  1. dashing cowboys
  2. exciting adventures.

Interesting: Monument Valley is located in a valley where once the Navajo Indians lived.


Travel destination number 14. Colored rocks of Zhangye

Colored rocks of ZhangyeChina is a country that is rich in beautiful natural wonders. One of them is the beautiful rocks, painted in variegated shades of Gansu Province. The origin of the unusual geological formation refers to the Cretaceous period. Variety of colors can be observed when you look at the mountain. It is explained by the predominance of red sandstone rocks among others, as well as the products of oxidation of sludge, which has arisen from drainage areas over the centuries. Now, all over the world colorful mountains in China are known as Landscape of Zhangye. Scientists believe that the formation of such beauty millions of years ago. The whole process has taken place including several stages:

  1. the accumulation of a large number of different mineral deposits and mostly sandstone
  2. under the influence of water and air sandstone and deposits were oxidized,
  3. an unusual and unpredictable formation with bright colors appeared.

Any tourist will feel great looking at the mountain with the shades of rust and ocher which are the dream of any landscape painter.

Interesting: The current conditions have been completely adapted to a large number of tourists.


Travel destination number 15. Ha Long Bay in Vietnam

Ha Long Bay in Vietnam“The Bay where dragons find the shelter” – it is the poetical translation of the name “Ha long”.  The name belongs not only to the bay but also to the city that is located near the coast. The beautiful bay justifies its mystical name with the help of:

  1. Rocky Mountains,
  2. mysterious caves,
  3. more than 3,000 islands

Separate deep caverns are formed in the cliffs and have been equipped for attractions where the tourists can take a breathtaking route lit by multi-colored lights and to feel like a guest in the palace of the ancient mythological beasts.

Interesting: This place is really great for those who like mysterious Vietnamese culture and enjoys nature while traveling.


Travel destination number 16. Bora Bora Island

 Bora Bora IslandPacific Coast is a tantalizing prospect for a beach holiday. One of the most beautiful islands in the world – Bora Bora in French Polynesia is the most preferred holiday destination of the discerning tourists who appreciate comfort and a “great view from the window.” This is evidenced by a huge number of hotels which target audience is rich tourists.

The island is surrounded by the small private plots of land (motu), where there is the delightful blue lagoon. Motu has been formed of:

  1. sand
  2. coral,
  3. volcanic lava (the central part of the island)

Interesting: In the centre there is the volcanic lava as the three of the highest mountain peaks in Bora Bora are the edges of the crater which is now not active.


Travel destination number 17. Fields of tulips in the Netherlands

Fields of tulips in the NetherlandsHolland is associated with tulips in many tourists. In the western part of the country tulips can be seen in areas that are comparable with full plantations. This process is organized on an industrial basis and has huge scale.

Externally, these beautiful fields resemble a sea of ​​colors, which cannot but arouse admiration of the man who had not seen such a riot of rich colors. Who will like this place most?

  1. Nature lovers
  2. Landscape painters
  3. Photographers

Interesting: From April to May, the Netherlands are transformed into a blooming garden and do not stop being it even in August, when the tulips are replaced by gladioli.


Travel destination number 18. Iguazu Falls

Iguazu FallsIguazu Falls is a complex of 275 beautiful cascades, formed as a result of a volcanic eruption. It is twice wider than Niagara. Some facts about the formation of Iguazy Falls:

  1. After the eruption a large crack in the ground was formed,
  2. This process led to the formation of scale flowing streams of water in a line with the eponymous river.

This place is the perfect destination for tourists who value the miracles formed by nature.

Interesting: In the rainy season (November to March) waterfall shows itself in all its power, in a second you can see the flow which volume is 13,000 cubic meters.


Travel destination number 19. The Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of GizaThe ancient Egyptian civilization still lives in the monuments of its unique architecture. In the suburbs of Cairo there is a complex of buildings which age is more than 4500 years. Still now scientists cannot determine how the builders who were erecting a pyramid could fix the huge blocks weighing several tons. Some do not even deny the intervention of extraterrestrial intelligence. It is possible to believe, and it is possible to treat with irony, but the fact is that many of the buildings of that era were irretrievably lost over time. Why should you go to see the pyramids of Giza?

  1. The pyramids of Giza which are included in the list of the most beautiful places in the world
  2. They remain a symbol of Egypt and the reason for the disputes of mystics and skeptics.

Interesting: Some scientists do not even deny the intervention of extraterrestrial intelligence.


Travel destination number 20. Cappadocia

CappadociaAnother beautiful place is situated in Turkey and this is Cappadocia which is recognized as part of world cultural heritage. It is located at a height of about 1 km above sea level on the territory of the Anatolian plateau in the central part of the country. Here you can visit the underground monasteries which preserved there since the beginning of Christianity. The terrain is completely formed under the influence of:

  1. volcanic eruptions
  2. the residual processes.

Interesting: Visit Cappadocia if you are interested in historical and cultural sites which appeared thanks to nature.


Travel destination 21. Mount in China Tianjie

Mount in China TianjieBeautiful mountain named Tianjie reaches a height of over 1,200 meters and is located within the boundaries of the park Wulingyuan.

A bit of history:

  1. The name is translated as “a son of Heaven”.
  2. It was the name of one of the leader of the rebel camp which he broke at this mountain.
  3. If to reach the peak, you will be able to see the top opening a breathtaking panoramic view of the plurality of discrete peaks of mountain ranges, symbolizing soldiers of that glorious leader.

Interesting: Assessing the local beauty, the Chinese people like to repeat   that if you saw Tianjie at least once, you won’t have a wish to conquer the other peaks.

Of course, here there are not all travel destinations that are popular among tourists were listed but they are for sure have the leading places in the top rank. The manifestations of nature are so diverse and often bizarre that almost in the territory of each country superficial view can be hidden.  Enjoy this virtual trip and choose your favourite place among the top travel destinations full of beauty of amazing natural landscapes.



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I am Yura Matskevich, traveled around 74 countries, travel is my passion, on pages I share useful information.

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