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I am Yura Matskevich, traveled around 74 countries, travel is my passion, on pages I share useful information.

TexasOur world hides a great number of amazing places to visit but it is impossible for one person to travel everywhere because of the lack of time and money and sure due to the main reason- boundlessness of our Earth. That’s why we have prepared the list of the most beautiful places to visit in the US and California. Our world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page.

Each traveler knows there is no better way to improve your mind, body and soul, than to explore new cultures and countries. Among a variety of attractions, here you will find a list of the greatest places that everyone should see with their own eyes at least once in life. There is everything to live to the fullest in the USA and if you decide to travel to one of its places, you will literally be spoiled by the rich choice of things that are worth seeing. For example, in California there are a great number of attractions, which extend from the north to the beaches, to the border of the national park, some of them are located in the city, others are outside it. If you are a person who cannot decide what to visit in California, here you will find amazing attractions that you can visit.


Place to visit number 1: The memorial complex of Abraham Linkoln

The memorial complex of Abraham LinkolnIt is impossible to visit the US without seeing the memorial complex in the memory of the 16th President of the United States which was built during eight years and was completed in 1922. Memorial is located on the National Mall and externally resembles a classic Greek temple with a colonnade. Many details in it are filled with a deep symbolic meaning – so, for example, the memorial is surrounded by 36 columns which is equal to the number of states that were united before the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Above the colonnade the names of all 50 American states are engraved with the dates of their entry into the Union. Inside the memorial you will find a statue of Lincoln. According to legend, the author of the sculpture – Daniel Chester – depicted the hands of President so that the sign language they show the initials AL.

On the walls there are engraved two of the most famous speeches of Lincoln:

  1. second inaugural
  2. Gettysburg

They proclaim the principles of:

  • freedom
  • unity
  • justice

Interesting: The Lincoln Memorial welcomes visitors 24 hours a day.

Place to visit number 2: Guggenheim Museum

This museum has one of the world’s finest collections of modern art. The names of the artists whose works are represented in the museum speak for themselves:

  1. Chagall
  2. Picasso
  3. Modigliani

And this is just a small part of a huge collection. In addition to the main exhibition there are others noteworthy exhibitions. The Guggenheim Museum is supervised by their best of the best in the world of contemporary art, so that each exhibition becomes a noticeable event. The museum has branches in several countries. You will be attracted by its original architectural design – the museum building looks like an entwined spiral inverted cone which determines the order of inspection of the exposure.

Interesting: You will need to take the elevator to the top floor and then down the spiral.


Place to visit number 3: Georgetown

GeorgetownYou can hear a lot of compliments in an address of the oldest district of Washington. It is an elite and staid, but lively and full of young people. This “mix” in America is possible, if somewhere nearby the higher educational establishment is situated. The heart of the district is the Georgetown University which is one of the most prestigious universities in the country (where, by the way, Bill Clinton studied).

Here you will find a lot of places to visit:

  • ancient buildings
  • antique shops
  • bookstores
  • restaurants

M Street and Wisconsin Avenue are filled with students. Noisy veranda café is full of the sidewalks cyclists.

Interesting: At least half a day here can be spent walking along the cobbled streets with a camera being ready to take a picture. This place will suit those who like spending time walking, shopping, eating delicious food and buying souvenirs.


Place to visit number 4: Basilica Cathedral

It is the largest Catholic cathedral in the United States and part-tallest building in Washington (about 100 meters). Its construction began in 1920, it was suspended during the Great Depression and was completed in the ’60s. The temple was built in neo-Byzantine style (in the same way that the Westminster Cathedral in London):

  • squat domes
  • mosaics
  • ceramic medallions

Inside the Basilica there are 70 chapels, all of them are open to the public.

In the Basilica every year there are guided tours for thousands of tourists from around the world. Interesting: The most famous visitors of the temple became pontiffs, Benedict XVI and John Paul II, and Mother Teresa.


Place to visit number 5: Whitney Museum

Whitney MuseumThis museum was established in 1930 at the expense of Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney. Here you will find an extensive collection of works by American artists of XX-XXI centuries. Here you can see the works of:

  • Mark Rothko
  • Andy Warhol
  • Edward Hopper

Every two years there is Whitney Biennial-an exhibition of global importance. Many modern American young artists have become known exactly after their work has been seen at the Whitney.

After a trip to the museum, you can register on their website – it is regularly updated multimedia content, some videos are themselves objects of audiovisual art.

Interesting: Users have the ability to create your own “collection” by adding your favorite product to your favorites.


Place to visit number 6: Mansion of Henry Longfellow

You should definitely visit a three-stored house belonged to the family of the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in the XIX century. The poet got education at Harvard University and spent in this region most of his life. Together with other famous people of the East Coast Longfellow was buried at the historic Mount Auburn Cemetery.

Why is it interesting to visit this mansion?

  1. The house has preserved the environment of the XIX century, so you cannot only learn about the poet’s life but also about his great contemporaries (the house, for example, was visited by Charles Dickens during his stay in America).
  2. You can find out more about the life and history of the whole country.
  3. Here George Washington in March 1776 took command of the American revolutionary troops.

Interesting: Within these walls anesthesia during childbirth was first used – the patient was Fanny- the wife of Henry Longfellow.


Place to visit number 7: Chapel MIT

 Chapel MITThis is a Christian chapel, which has nothing to do with any of the branches of modern and ancient Christianity, which in itself is quite unusual. It was built in 1955, designed by Eero Saarinen, the famous American architect of Finnish origin.

The chapel looks unusual both outside and inside:

  1. The brick building is crowned with soaring aluminum construction.
  2. It is vaguely reminiscent of the cross without a single window.
  3. If you go inside, it turns out that the box is still there.

Interesting: The window is located on the ceiling directly above the altar, so that real bright pillar of light falls on the altar.


Place to visit number 8: Ringling Museum

Ringling MuseumThis is a complex of museums located in a beautiful park on the bay near the city of Sarasota.

At the water rises, the actual home of John and Mable Ringling. Mansion is in Venetian Gothic style was built in 1926 as the winter residence of the spouses. On the first floor of the residence there are:

  1. the reception rooms,
  2. dining room,
  3. kitchen.

Visitors can come here free of charge. The second floor with the bedrooms and guest rooms can be visited for a fee. Near the building there is a rosary that Mabel has been actively involved in since 1913. It is growing and a lot of rose bushes of various kinds will attract your attention without any doubts.

The second building in the park is the circus museum. It was founded in 1948. Mr. Ringling, being very successful owner of the circus, decided to create the first museum of its kind in America and thereby to present the history of circus arts, to collect it appropriate posters, information about artists, circus costumes. The screens show here a variety of tricks that are done in the circus in the early XX century. Even now, after a hundred years, you will look at them with a sinking heart. There are several interactive exhibits which attract children much. For example, you may want to pass on a rope.

In the hall a giant circus tent layout is presented, where you can see the smallest details:

  1. circus wagons with animals,
  2. tents, in which actors live,
  3. cafes and entertainment that attracts the audience before the performance.

The third museum is Art Museum. Its collection of paintings was collected gradually by the circus owner each time, being in Europe, he bought a painting or sculpture. As a result, he had to build storage for them in a rather large building.

Among the paintings there are such famous authors:

  1. Paolo Veronese,
  2. Diego Velázquez,
  3. Lucas Cranach the Elder.

Interesting: You can spend half a day in this museum complex. There are a couple cafes, you can buy an ice cream. During warmer months, you can sit right on the bay, admiring the views of the opposite bank and listening to the sound of water.


Place to visit number 9: Museum and Gardens of Goodwood

Museum and Gardens of GoodwoodSaving and restoring the plantation Goodwood – is the story of the beginning of XIX century in Florida. Its territory includes:

  1. house with a terrace on the ground floor that is typical for the southern states,
  2. former coach room,
  3. water tower,
  4. sheds for storing garden tools and equipment,
  5. a swimming pool.

The swimming pool was built by one of the owners and it was the first heated pool in Florida those days. The territory is surrounded by a garden with flower beds, shrubs and very tall old trees from which Spanish moss hangs. It is known that the first house was built here in the 1830s by the brothers Hardy and Brian Crum. They grew cotton and corn on the plantations around the house. For this purpose they hired about 250 slaves. Subsequently, the house changed several owners. The most noticeable mark on the fate of the house was left by a wealthy widow from New York Fanny Thiers, who arranged the winter residence here, she has invested a lot of money and efforts in rebuilding the mansion, equipped kitchen and bathrooms there.

Curiously, none of the plantation owners had children and it was impossible to leave it to someone. So every time the house was sold as a whole, with all the furnishings, books, cabinets, kitchen utensils. This makes it still looks alive. Porcelain collection of paintings, books, painted ceilings, furniture – all the things are very well preserved.

Interesting: A visit to the house is possible only with a guide. On the territory of the plantation there is also a cafe where you can have a snack.


Place to visit number 10: Dupont Circle

Dupont CircleThe cultural and geographic center of Washington is a street in the form of a circle, which is located inside a small park with a fountain. Dupont Circle is crossed by three major streets of the capital:

  1. Connecticut avenue,
  2. New Hampshire avenue,
  3. Massachusetts avenue.

Dupont Circle is not only a minipark, but also a region known for its trendy:

  1. nightclubs,
  2. bars,
  3. cafes,
  4. art galleries.

In addition, Dupont Circle is considered to be the “epicenter” of Washington’s gay party: in this region a large number of homosexual couples lives.

A lawn in the center of which is a fountain is a popular place for youth recreation. Students arrange here picnics. Someone is reading a book, someone – just sunbathing. In winter, this place has a lot of entertainment due to much snow. Here you can take part in the snow-organized battle. The crowd is divided into two armies and arranges cross “fire”. The goal is to capture the fountain.

Around Dupont Circle there are lots of cafes and restaurants, from Starbucks and ending with an Italian pizzeria. Here there are some bookstores (including Kramerbooks and second-hand shops, where for $ 10 you can buy a whole stack of books).

Interesting: You can have fun at the free tennis courts, which are usually empty in the daytime.


Place to visit number 11: American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural HistoryIn the cult novel “The Catcher in the Rye” two museums were featured: “Museum where there are the paintings” and “Museum where there are Indians”. In the first case it was about the Metropolitan Museum, the second was about Museum of Natural History, located on the other side of Central Park. If you come to New York with children, a visit to this museum is a mandatory item of the program. And there is something to see for the adults as well. Also, touch and hear – the most interactive museum.

In the Natural History Museum you can:

  1. see the dried scalps terribly similar to the real,
  2. Get acquainted with the history of earthquake in Alaska (the strongest ever recorded),
  3. see tiny ancient eastern city (touching detail – on the layout flying man on the tiny flying carpet),
  4. see an African hut a life-size,
  5. stand on the scale, which will show how much you weigh on different planets.

By the way, there is a wonderful planetarium at the museum. Accompanying the show’s voice will seem familiar – an idea voiced by actress Whoopi Goldberg.

There is a large and quite tasty dining with themed dessert on the ground floor of the museum (for example, you can buy a multi-layer parfait with Jelly worms, demonstrating how our soil is constructed). By the way, the protagonist of the film “Night at the Museum” worked at the Museum of Natural History.

Interesting: Parents with children should be careful: all over the museum there are artfully placed traps – colorful shops, which leave no heap of souvenirs, toys and books for children.


Place to visit number 12: Bridge “Golden Gate”

Bridge "Golden Gate"Remarkably, this Bridge is recognized as one of the modern wonders of the world, the bridge “Golden Gate” in San Francisco is one of the most popular sites for photographers around the world. When you are here you should definitely do the following things:

  1. visit the National Park “Golden Gate”,
  2. take a dip into the history of these places,
  3. admire the buildings,
  4. you can truly appreciate the splendor of the architecture of the bridge, crossing the San Francisco Bay.

Interesting: This bridge is the symbol of California.


Place to visit number 13: The National Park “Redwood”

The scenic Park is located on the coast, the area is full of:

  1. redwoods,
  2. magnificent nature reserve on the coast,
  3. beaches,
  4. numerous hiking trails,
  5. streams,
  6. rivers,
  7. horseback riding.

How to entertain yourself here:

  1. You can ride a bike on these places,
  2. You can have a picnic,
  3. You can enjoy kayaking,
  4. You can spend time rock climbing,
  5. You can watch whales,
  6. You can visit the legendary festival of banana snails.

All this makes the National Park “Redwood” a popular place for couples and one of the most popular in California.

Interesting: You can enjoy a night of horse riding, scuba diving and many others, completely surrounded by pure nature.


Place to visit number 14: Alcatraz Prison

Alcatraz PrisonIt has a world-renowned reputation as one of the most out-of-reach prison in the world. However, the history of this place is much more important than it is commonly believed as the fate of Alcatraz is one of the bright spots in the history of America itself. This place has also received the nickname “The Rock”, however, due to financial difficulties in the mid-1960s, it had to be closed, and the prisoners were transferred to the prison on the land.

Why is it worth visiting:

  1. It is the most mysterious prison,
  2. It is visited by a great number of tourists every year,
  3. Its name is famous in films and a lot of songs have been devoted to it.

Interesting: You must visit this place if you like history and the feeling of some mystery and fear.


Place to visit number 15: Zoo in San Diego

Zoo began its existence with a small exotarium, where the animals were placed for the first time in 1915. Currently San Diego Zoo is a home to about 40,000 different animals, among them there is legendary giant panda. The zoo is privately owned, it is one of the most impressive among the other safari parks in the world. As a rule, this place has a leading position in the list of the places worth visiting in California. You can:

  1. go kayaking,
  2. admire the soaring birds among the tops of the trees,
  3. visit the safari park.

Interesting: Among other things, the territory is the African safari park, as you can see the polar bear, animals live here in large outdoor enclosures – these are just some of the incredible features you’ll enjoy visiting this place.


Place to visit number 16: Walk of fame

Walk of fameThe famous Walk of Fame includes the names of the most successful figures of the entertainment industry. Its length is more than 2 km from east to west and there are 15 blocks on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. Millions of tourists say that it is exactly what they would like to visit in the first place, when they are in California.

Here there are the stars engraved with the names of:

  1. musicians,
  2. actors,
  3. producers,
  4. directors,
  5. names of Broadway theater groups,
  6. cartoon characters.

Interesting: It is the national monument nowadays and it is visited by a great number of tourists.


Place to visit number 17: Napa Valley

This place is probably one of the most famous wineries in the world, and certainly, this is one of the most memorable places in California. Why is it necessary to visit this place:

  1. Picturesque scenery,
  2. great weather,
  3. great largest vineyards,
  4. luxury hotel rooms,
  5. fine wine and several annual festivals.

Interesting: All the mentioned reasons make the Napa Valley number 1 among tourist destinations of the world.


Place to visit number 18: Lake Tahoe

Lake TahoeLake Tahoe is one of the most popular throughout the year, tourist attractions in California. This is a huge freshwater lake is a favorite place for skiing and snowboarding, plus everything is close to numerous golf courses, casinos and luxury hotels.

In the summer this place becomes the main playground for:

  1. water skiing,
  2. sailing,
  3. kayaking,
  4. boating,
  5. hiking,
  6. cycling.

Interesting: This is the perfect place for a family vacation in California.


Place to visit number 19: Yosemite National Park

This is just one of the few national parks in California, however, Yosemite – one of the most picturesque. This is a huge desert, which is widely spread out outside of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego.

In the Park there are many:

  1. rocks and valleys,
  2. rivers and lakes,
  3. there are 3 of the 10 highest waterfalls in the world.

Interesting: The park is considered to be the greatest concentration of granite on the ground and a few trees, which are among the highest and oldest in the world. Forget about everything, just enjoy the scenic views of nature.

When it comes to tourist attractions which are worth visiting in the USA and particularly in California, then you will face embarrassment of riches. Here there is something to find for everyone, if you want to spend your holiday actively or prefer a luxury hotel or just to have a romantic trip with your beloved.



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I am Yura Matskevich, traveled around 74 countries, travel is my passion, on pages I share useful information.

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