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Top-15 Most Breathtaking Things to Do in Myrtle Beach SC

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I’m Veronica Brown, I’ve been traveling for more than 10 years, traveled to more than 100 countries of the world, sharing with you the most useful and important information on the pages

The coastal resort town of Myrtle Beach is located in the US state of South Carolina. In fact, this city can be called the center of the agglomeration called Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand – it includes a whole complex of small islands and coastal cities that stretch from Georgetown to the city of Little River.

Myrtle Beach has a large number of tourist attractions, among which are parks such as Broadway at the Beach (Broadway on the Beach), Freestyle Music Park and Family Kingdom Amusement Park. Myrtle Waves – the famous park of water attractions – is considered one of the largest in the eastern coast of the United States. Another city is known for the fact that in its vicinity you can find more than forty small playgrounds for golf. Want to know more about things to do in Myrtle Beach SC? Enjoy a virtual journey!



Thing to do number 1: Visit the Wonder Works Museum

The Wonder Works Museum in Myrtle Beach is a popular tourist attraction. The idea of its foundation belongs to Professor Wonder, who led a secret laboratory on a remote island in the Bermuda Triangle area.

The unique design of the three-story museum building, designed by the famous architect Terry Nicholson, is turned upside down. Its interior rebuilds and overturns the visitors’ orientation, challenging gravity.

Wonder Works is an interactive educational attraction that includes more than 100 entertaining scientific exhibits presented in the light of the latest technologies of virtual reality. Visitors have the opportunity to:

  • become a man-lightning rod,
  • experience the power of a hurricane wind
  • and feel like a pilot of a spacecraft.

All the halls of the museum offer a laser tag with rope movement, which includes 33 obstacles.

Interesting: Wonder Works has also a café and a souvenir shop, which make it a wonderful addition to the Myrtle beach rest.

Thing to do number 2: Ride the Sky Wheel

The Sky Wheel in Myrtle Beach is a popular tourist attraction. It opened in 2011 and is the second tallest attraction in North America. This giant construction height of 57 meters is designed by renowned designer Ronald Bussink.

Sky Wheel includes 42 glazed gondolas with six comfortable seats, equipped with climate control, intercom and call button. In the VIP gondola with leather seats and

a glass bottom additional turns are provided and alcohol is allowed while driving. The walk includes four turns and lasts 18 minutes.

For the waiting customers, the attraction has flat-screen TVs. Close to Sky Wheel you will find:

  • The Plyler amusement park,
  • comfortable hotels,
  • restaurants,
  • bars,
  • shops
  • and convenient parking.

Interesting: Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy fantastic views of the east coast and the Atlantic Ocean.

Thing to do number 3: Have a family rest in the park Family Kingdom

The amusement park Family Kingdom is the only seaside theme park in Myrtle Beach. It opened in 1966 and immediately became a popular tourist attraction. The total area of the complex is more than 4 hectares.

The park is an ideal place for a family holiday. A wide range of entertainment includes:

  • many attractions,
  • fascinating games
  • and more than 40 exciting attractions for adults and children of all ages.

Visitors enjoy the giant Ferris wheel, which offers a fantastic panorama of the coastal zone and the Atlantic Ocean.

In the territory of the Family Kingdom you will find:

  • 4D cinema,
  • a large aquarium
  • and a dolphinarium offering several shows involving marine animals.

Interesting: On a nearby beach, carnivals, festivals and various musical events are held. At the disposal of visitors there are stylish restaurants, bars and a pavilion for picnics.

Thing to do number 4: Have a walk on the boat at the Grand Strand

The coastal strip Grand Strand is a continuous stretch of beach about 100 kilometers long, located in the northeast of South Carolina. Grand Strand is one of the main centers of tourism in the United States.

A mild subtropical climate and comfortable beaches with developed infrastructure attract about 20 million tourists annually. In the region there are:

  • 90 thousand hotel rooms,
  • 2,000 restaurants,
  • more than 100 sports grounds and golf courses,
  • theme parks,
  • shopping centers and entertainment facilities.

In addition, the Grand Strand has many architectural monuments and tourist attractions of historical and artistic value.

Interesting: To the service of visitors – fascinating walks on the boat, during which you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Thing to do number 5: Buy souvenirs in the Gift shop Gay Dolphin

Gift shop Gay Dolphin is a popular tourist attraction of the Myrtle Beach. A small souvenir shop was opened in 1946 by Justin and Eloise Plyler. Justin spent a lot of time at the telescope, watching the good-natured dolphins in the ocean, hence the bizarre name of the store.

At present, Gay Dolphin is the largest souvenir shop on the east coast of the United States. It is located in a three-story building, the total area of trade halls is 26 thousand square meters. There are about 70 thousand items of goods, including:

  • sea souvenirs,
  • antiques,
  • handicrafts,
  • jewelry,
  • vintage postcards,
  • illustrated T-shirts and much more.

Interesting: The store building includes a glass tower with a spiral staircase. Its upper level is equipped with a viewing platform, which offers a magnificent panorama of the Atlantic Ocean.

Thing to do number 6: Have fun in the Myrtle Beach State Park

Myrtle Beach State Park is located along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, including a stretch of South Carolina. The park was opened in 1935, it covers a total area of 120 hectares. The mild subtropical climate of this region provides unlimited opportunities for an unforgettable holiday.

Located in the heart of the Grand Strand shoreline, the park is one of the most popular beaches along the South Carolina coast. It includes a comfortable camping with picnic tables and a pier for fishing.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you can:

  • go diving,
  • surfing
  • and sailing.

In the tourist center visitors can get acquainted with the rich flora and fauna of this region. Many tourists use the park as a starting point for visiting Myrtle Beach attractions.

Interesting: During an exciting sea excursion you can enjoy fresh ocean breezes and fantastic views.

Thing to do number 7: Go shopping to the Broadway

The Broadway shopping center at the Myrtle Beach is one of the largest shopping malls in South Carolina. It opened in 1996 and immediately gained an excellent reputation.

The shopping center includes a number of one-storey modern buildings located around the scenic Lake Broadway. The total area of the Broadway at the Beach is about 1.5 square kilometers. The shopping center has about 120 outlets, including:

  • supermarkets,
  • specialized stores
  • and world-famous brands,
  • three theaters,
  • a multiplex cinema
  • and numerous nightclubs offering a luxurious night life.

Cozy restaurants and stylish open-air bars offer a wide choice of fine national dishes and drinks.

Interesting: During a year Broadway at the Beach is visited by about 14 million people, which makes it the most popular place in the region.

Thing to do number 8: Enjoy nature in the Little Pee Dee State Park

Little Pee Dee State Park is located in the vicinity of Dillon, South Carolina, and is named after the black waters of the small Little Pee Dee River.

Little Pee Dee Park is a quiet place for those who want to enjoy nature and fishing. Visitors can get acquainted with the Little Pee Dee river, marshes, sand hills, admire the Gulf of Carolina, unique to the plains of the Atlantic coast.

The park provides a variety of services:

  • picnic shelters,
  • children’s playground,
  • paths for biking and hiking,
  • camping,
  • shops.

There is a wonderful choice of places for fishing: a small river Little Pee Dee, a 54-acre lake of Norton, a 75-meter pier. In the lake you will find: bream, sea bass and catfish.

Nature lovers can watch birds, do geocaching, go boating. Visitors can rent canoes, kayaks and boats at the rental office of the park. One can come here using the private boat. Restrictions apply only to those equipped with motors.

Easy transport accessibility, thanks to the proximity of the Interstate Highway I-95, makes the Little Pee Dee Park a popular destination for coastal travelers and locals.

Interesting: The park is open daily from 9:00 to 18:00 (until 21:00 in the summer). The entrance is free. Pets are allowed.

Thing to do number 9: Look at the historic place of the US-the Georgetown Light

The Georgetown Light of is one of the oldest lighthouses in South Carolina. In 1789, the patriot Paul Trapir handed over a plot of land on the North Island for the construction of a lighthouse. However, the lighthouse in Georgetown was built only ten years later, in 1801.

Some facts about the Georgetown Light:

  • The conical light was originally made of cypress wood, at that time its height was 22 meters.
  • Together with the beacon, a house was built for the extraction and processing of whale fat, which was used to light the lantern of the lighthouse.
  • In 1806, the wooden tower of the lighthouse was badly damaged by a storm.
  • During the Civil War, the lighthouse suffered damage and in 1867 was rebuilt – its height was 27 meters.

The tower was built of brick and painted white. At the same time, a two-storey house for the caretaker and a boat station was built. Light of the lighthouse was automated in 1986.

Now the lighthouse is supported by the Coast Guard and the US, and the lighthouse itself is under state control.

Interesting: The Georgetown Light is listed in the National Register of Historic Places of the United States.

Thing to do number 10: Go to the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge at the Waccamaw River

The Waccamaw River is a river about 225 km long, running through the southeastern part of North Carolina and the eastern part of South Carolina, USA. The area of the basin is about 2880 square kilometers.

The river begins its movement from Lake Waccamaw, located in the District of Columbus, North Carolina, and through two hundred or more kilometers it flows into the Atlantic Ocean. In the headwaters, the river is slow, with a dark color of water flowing along the vast wetlands and traversed only for small vessels such as canoes. In the lower reaches the river is an important navigable canal with a unique geography and flows parallel to the coast.

The floodplain of the Waccamaw River is the habitat of various species of animals, including the American Black Bear. In some parts of the Waccamaw river basin, Natural State Reserves have been established.

The Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge was founded in 1997 in the north-eastern part of Georgetown County, South Carolina, USA. It includes the land adjacent to the Pee Dee River and the Waccamaw River near their confluence.

It was founded with the aim of preserving the nature of valuable coastal wetlands and the surrounding hills that serve as a habitat for many species of wild animals, including endangered species.

The stated objectives of the reserve are:

  • research and restoration of wetlands,
  • protection of all components of the ecosystem of the river,
  • ecological and educational activities,
  • fishing.

Interesting: At present the Wildlife Refuge area is about 92 square kilometers.

Thing to do number 11: Go the Atalaya Castle-Museum

Atalaya Castle is the winter residence of Archer Milton Huntington and his wife, sculptor Anna Huntington, located on the Atlantic coast in the north-eastern part of South Carolina. The place was not chosen by chance – a mild winter was necessary for Anna, suffering from tuberculosis. The house was built in 1931-1933 without special plans and drawings, based on the imagination and representations of the Archer Huntington himself. As a result, the residence was decorated in the style of the Moorish and Mediterranean revival, it was based on the houses of the Spanish Andalusian coast.

The name “Atalaya” is translated from Spanish as “watchtower”, which dominates the structure. The building has:

  • 30 rooms,
  • a studio
  • and a covered courtyard, where the sculptural workshop was located.

To protect them from winds, shutters wrought-iron gratings made by Anna Huntington’s hands were installed on the windows.

Interesting: During the Second World War, the Huntingtons liberated the castle for the army, and later the house was admitted to the National Register of Historic Places and is now used as a museum.

Thing to do number 12: Entertain yourself in the Myrtle Waves Water Park

Myrtle Waves Water Park is a great place for active recreation, attracting locals and tourists. Myrtle Waves Water Park in Myrtle Beach is the largest in the US and one of the largest in the world. Its area is more than 20 hectares, it impresses with its size and unique design concept with a Caribbean theme, including:

  • mock-ups of wild animals and plants,
  • islands with blue lagoons
  • and aquariums with exotic marine life.

Among the entertainment you will find more than 70 water attractions, including a wave pool, water slides and waterfalls, equipped with modern sound systems and phenomenal visual effects. On the territory of the water park there is a children’s area, including safe entertainment and playgrounds.

In addition to water attractions, there is a Nascar park with:

  • karting tracks,
  • golf fields,
  • a football stadium
  • and sports fields.

Interesting: Visitors can relax at cozy restaurants and get some souvenirs in the nearby shops to take memories with them.

Thing to do number 13: Go to the complex Market Common Myrtle Beach

The Market Common Myrtle Beach is a popular tourist attraction in Myrtle Beach. It opened in 2008 on the territory of the former US Air Force base, near the international airport. The total area of its territory is 0.46 square kilometers.

The complex is a series of modern one-storey buildings with original rustic design. Numerous memorial signs tell about the history of the military base and people connected with it.

The shopping center includes:

  • townhouses,
  • all kinds of shops,
  • a cinema,
  • luxury restaurants
  • and stylish bars in the open air.

On the shore of the nearby picturesque lake, visitors have the opportunity to sunbathe at the beach, go fishing and do water sports.

Interesting: The complex is surrounded by a beautiful park with lawns, flower beds and fountains. To services of visitors – convenient parking for 1000 places.

Thing to do number 14: Attend the variety show Carolina Opry

Variety show Carolina Opry is a popular attraction of Myrtle Beach. It was founded in 1986 by a singer, producer and entrepreneur Kelvin Gilmour.

Carolina Opry is located in a beautiful Georgian building of the XIX century. Its massive portal includes high arches with elegant columns. Particularly noteworthy is a small two-tiered turret with balustrades, located on a rectangular pediment. The luxurious interior of the theater includes inlaid mirrors, paintings and bronze sculptures. Two auditoriums with a capacity of 2,200 seats are equipped with modern acoustic systems to improve the sound quality.

A diverse repertoire of the theater offers spectacular shows of:

  • singers,
  • dancers,
  • comedians
  • and musicians.

There are also cultural and entertainment events and exhibitions of young talented artists.

Interesting: The doors of a cozy restaurant and café are always open to visitors on the second floor of the building.

Thing to do number 15: Visit Alabama Theater

Alabama Theater is a popular tourist attraction of the Myrtle Beach, located in the heart of the Grand Strand. The theater opened in 1993 and immediately gained an excellent reputation.

It is located in a beautiful building of the early XX century. Its original facade, made in a combination of classical style and art deco, stands out among the surrounding buildings. Particularly noteworthy is the luxurious arch portal with corrugated columns and three elegant arbors mounted on the roof of the structure. The elegant interior of the theater includes elegant columns, inlaid mirrors and paintings of artists of the XX century.

The diverse repertoire of the theater represents:

  • the traditional music of country singers,
  • modern music,
  • comedy,
  • musicals,
  • all sorts of cultural and entertainment events.

Interesting: There is a cozy cafe with the big choice of cakes and drinks. The Alabama Theater attracts a huge number of spectators, being an excellent addition to beach rest.



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I’m Veronica Brown, I’ve been traveling for more than 10 years, traveled to more than 100 countries of the world, sharing with you the most useful and important information on the pages

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