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Top-11 Most Enjoyable Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta

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I’m Veronica Brown, I’ve been traveling for more than 10 years, traveled to more than 100 countries of the world, sharing with you the most useful and important information on the pages

Along the coast of Bahia de Banderas there is a charming city with a truly Mexican spirit, Puerto Vallarta. Popular among Mexican and foreign tourists, Puerto Vallarta (many simply called it Vallarta) is one of the most famous Mexican resorts. Beach vacation, fishing, snorkeling, surfing, eco-tourism – the main activities in this city.

In 1963 in Puerto Vallarta, the movie “Night of the Iguana” was filmed. Commercial success of the film (the picture won two Oscar awards) attracted the attention of many travelers. Thanks to the success of “Night of the Iguana”, a tiny town with an aura of tropical romance turned into the world famous resort. Today the city annually hosts millions of tourists.



Thing to do number 1: Go for a walk along the Malecon Embankment

On the territory of Malecon there are a lot of places, which you should definitely visit if you are in Puerto Vallarta:

  • the most popular shops,
  • cafes,
  • restaurants,
  • trade fairs.

The cobbled embankment is the busiest place in the city, where festivals and national holidays are held every month.

Malecon is decorated with flower beds, large statues and gazebos, and along the promenade there are entertainment venues. Wild vegetation on Malecon Square pleases the eye – hundreds of palm trees create a cool shadow in the heat, and flower beds with all kinds of plants remind the outlines of the waves.

Among other greenery, the embankment is decorated with one hundred bushes of bougainvillea, always blooming and being popular both in Brazil and Mexico.

The mosaic of beautiful river stone is one more thing that is able to attract your attention, created in the traditional for this region technology.

Interesting: In the evening and at night tourists can enjoy specific lighting that does not eclipse the view of the ocean, nor does it blind visitors to the waterfront.

Thing to do number 2: Observe the marine life visiting the Hidden Beach

The Hidden Beach in Mexico is a beautiful place, offering unique opportunities for diving, it is here that you can observe the amazing marine life – you will find over 100 species of reef fish. On the Hidden Beach for the last period of time, the number of people who come to look at this indescribable beauty is increasing.

Why should you visit the Hidden Beach?

  • In Puerto Vallarta various excursions are organized – one-day trips, during which you will see the beauty of the local islands, and also visit the hidden beach.
  • To see it, you have not an easy way through the tunnel. The tunnel is not underwater, you do not need to scuba. It should be noted that here whales live and you may have the opportunity to see them.

Many people say that on this beach the water does not get very hot, since the sun is hidden all the time. But actually it is not. Mexico is not very far from the equator.

Interesting: The air temperature in the summer season reaches 35 degrees, so the water also warms up quite well.

Thing to do number 3: Have an exciting walk through the tropical jungle using the cable car

Beautiful beach on tropical Pacific coast of MexicoThe cable car to Puerto Vallarta is a walk through the tropical jungle with an exciting descent to the river from a height of 250 feet.

What makes the cable car trip so popular?

  • The cable car is found in the heart of the Sierra Madre mountains in the middle of untouched forest.
  • On the ropeway there is a special platform fixed, where the participants of the event sit. Sitting on the platform, they fly from tree to tree, hovering over the forest and watching in the immediate vicinity the unique flora and fauna of the tropics.

You can participate have such a walk in the cable car if you are over 8 years old. Instruction is carried out by highly qualified guides, who control the entire course of the trip from the beginning to the end.

Interesting: The total length of the cable car is 1 km, the travel time is 4-6 hours.

Thing to do number 4: Go to the Vallarta Gallery

The largest city gallery in Vallarta was founded in 1989 to present to the public the outstanding works of Spanish and foreign artists, designers and sculptors.

The goal of the creators was to represent creativity “in all the diversity of its forms.” In addition to compositions from bronze, wood and ceramics, the gallery features:

  • collectors’ masks for theater performances,
  • designer decorations,
  • unusual products of Spanish artisans,
  • lithographs.

All works of art are selected personally by the owner of the gallery Barbara Peters. The gallery is located in the historic center of Vallarta, on the second floor of the building where the first bank in the city used to be, and later the hotel Chula Vista.

The gallery is open from Monday to Friday from 9 to 18. Visitors can get acquainted with the works of Stephen King and Steve Fisher. In the foyer of the gallery you can often see picturesque landscapes of young artists.

Interesting: The Vallarta Gallery is also a great place to buy souvenirs, posters, paintings, jewellery.

Thing to do number 5: Visit the Vallarta Theater

The Vallarta Theater is a city theater in the city of Puerto Vallarta, which is distinguished not only by the availability of modern equipment, but also by a modern view of the world and cultural processes.

The theater, which was opened in 2010, is located in the heart of the city. The correspondence of the theater to its time is emphasized by its appearance. The building looks like the light neat polygon with textured walls and facade. There are many reasons why people prefer visiting this theater during their vacation:

  • Being near the building you will feel freshness and openness to the world.
  • The hall has seats for 960 people. And all the necessary internal communications – lighting, sound, mechanics and so on – are arranged according to the latest technology.
  • The auditorium is arranged so that from anywhere you can see and hear what is happening on the stage.
  • Most often there are musicals and other spectacular shows, although the theater is open for dramatic performances, as well as operas and ballets.
  • You can see the most popular spectacle “Fandango”.

Interesting: There is the necessary equipment for disabled people.

Thing to do number 6: Go the amusement park Canopy Bay

Canopy Bay is a famous amusement park with interesting attractions, which both children and their parents will definitely like. Canopy Bay is a good place to relax with children and the whole family.

Things you will like about this park:

  • The admission price by the standards of Mexico is considered acceptable – $ 24 per person.
  • On the territory of the park there are guides and animators, who can be approached for any advice or request.
  • Travel to the world of adventure Canopy Bay videographers can shoot on the camera, and after visiting the park they offer visitors to purchase video or photos. It is a good way to take the new impressions with you and watch the video when you come back home.

Interesting: In the amusement park there are cafes where you can enjoy free tasting of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as dishes of national cuisine.

Thing to do number 7: Enjoy active water sports in the village Quimixto

Quimixto is a small village, inhabited by only 250 people, but it is a popular place among lovers of active sports on the water.

There are many things to do here:

  • On the territory of the village you can rent a crew or horse for walking around the neighborhood, as well as for a tour of a small but very beautiful waterfall falling from a height down to a deep lagoon.
  • After visiting the waterfall, you can walk to the beach and enjoy a variety of water activities.
  • Enjoy diving and snorkeling, which are popular sports here.

Underwater world of the Quimixto is rich: here you can see sea turtles, flocks of tropical fish, corals, unusual algae and much more.

Interesting: On the beach, there are cafes serving popular Mexican food.

Thing to do number 8: Go to the historic center Zona Romantica

Zona Romantica is a famous area in Puerto Vallarta, which is a historical center and a favorite place for walking.

On the territory of Zona Romantica there are:

  • cafes and restaurants,
  • sports bars and clubs.

Unlike the rest of Puerto Vallarta, there are few merchants and homeless here, and the area itself is cleaner and more picturesque than others. Since this is the old part of the city, everything here is preserved in its original form, and in the air you will feel “the spirit of Mexico”.

In the evenings on the streets of Zona Romantica, artists organize concerts and conduct entertaining contests.

On the territory of the center there is a large number of flea markets and pavilions in the open air.

Interesting: There is also a beautiful and tranquil beach near, which is well equipped for an excellent holiday.

Thing to do number 9: Enjoy the beauty of flora in the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden

The Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden is only 30 minutes south of the Old Town, so it is not difficult to get here by public transport.

The garden is popular among tourists thanks to the:

  • presentation of the world-class plant collections,
  • educational activities
  • and protection of a number of endangered plants in Mexico.

The creation of the garden began in 2004 with the opening of a small botanical garden in the highlands of Jalisco. Now the garden covers an area of more than twenty acres, which were previously intended for grazing cattle.

In the garden you can see more than 6000 planted blue agaves, 1000 tabeboia plants, mountain pines, local oaks and mahogany.

Interesting: On the territory of the garden there is also a restaurant, nurseries for the reproduction of plants and picturesque hiking trails.

Thing to do number 10: Enjoy water skiing at the Bay of Banderas

Bay of Banderas is a coastal zone in Puerto Vallarta, the length of which is about one hundred kilometers.

Along the whole coast there are many beaches with a free entrance for everyone, as well as a large number of sun loungers and umbrellas. From December to the end of March, humpback whales migrate to Bay of Banderas every year, and from May to October, sea turtles nest on the beaches.

On the territory of the bay you can choose among many water adventures:

  • water skiing,
  • parasailing,
  • swimming on yachts,
  • rowing and diving.

The islands of Marietas and the area of the Los Akros marine reserve are surrounded by tunnels, reefs, underwater caves that are known for the richness of the underwater world.

Interesting: From the shore of Bay of Banderas you can enjoy the beautiful views of Puerto Vallarta: waterfalls, jungles, mountains.

Thing to do number 11: Relax sunbathing at Pueblo Real and Plati Beach

There are two most popular beaches that are worth visiting in Puerto Vallarta: Pueblo Real and Plati.

Pueblo Real is a public beach, located near the city of Puerto Vallarta. There is practically no infrastructure here but there are also no annoying sellers. Most people come here to relax from the bustle of the city. The beach is sandy-pebble, located on a small hill. It offers an excellent view of the city of Puerto Vallarta, especially in the evening. The geographical feature of Puerto Vallarta is that it is located on the shore of the bay, swimming on the beaches of the city is absolutely safe – there are no waves, frightening sea inhabitants do not swim here. The beach of Pueblo Real is a great place for a relaxing holiday with immersion in the local flavor.

Plati Beach is a favorite place for rest of townspeople and visitors. Around the beach there is a large number of hotels and guest-houses of different price categories with a view of the bay. The city of Puerto Vallarta is located in the bay of Bahia de Banderas. Translated from Spanish, it means “Flag Bay”. The water in the bay is almost always calm – there are no waves, the tides and ebbs are practically invisible.

You can rent:

  • chaise lounges,
  • umbrellas,
  • masks for snorkeling.

Near the beach you can find offices of companies that organize diving and snorkeling.

Interesting: Plati beach is one of the most beautiful places to watch the setting sun, dozens of couples in love and professional photographers come here in the evening.



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I’m Veronica Brown, I’ve been traveling for more than 10 years, traveled to more than 100 countries of the world, sharing with you the most useful and important information on the pages

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