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Which places to visit in New York during your first journey?

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I am Yura Matskevich, traveled around 74 countries, travel is my passion, on pages I share useful information.

Mew-YorkAnyone can find in New York something interesting for yourself, but there are places to visit in New York that are worth seeing for everybody. If you have never been in the city and you are coming just to stay for a few days, it is better to prepare for your journey in advance, otherwise you risk to find out later that you have missed something really great. However, you are lucky as we have prepared the list of the most interesting NYC places to visit in order you can read and choose which are worth visiting according to your preferences and time which you can spend there. Let’s start our virtual journey!


New York place to visit number 1: Freedom Tower

Freedom TowerThe tower was built on the free place of the former twin towers after the terrorist attack September 11, 2001. At the moment, it is the tallest building in New York, its height with a spire is 541m. Construction began in April 2006 and ended in May 10, 2013 with the installation of the spire.

Proposals for the construction of the new building after the attack began to arrive almost immediately, but many were not accepted by the public. In the end, Daniel Libeskind’s design was approved, which in turn also repeatedly revised. The final appearance the building got in June 2006.

Despite its fancy name, the Freedom Tower was intended to be an office center. The decoration of skyscraper has the elements of glass which creates the great play of light and glare. As it has been mentioned above, the height of the Freedom Tower is 541 meters, this is equal to 1776 feet. This height hasn’t been chosen randomly – 1776 is the year of the Declaration of Independence. A beam of light will shine through the antenna in the sky. The skyscraper is a part of a projected complex of buildings on the site of the former World Trade Center, and together with the other buildings it will surround the memorial to those who were killed in the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

The first 61 meters will be occupied by:

  1. the lobby,
  2. a few technical floors,
  3. floors intended for offices.

At 417 m Floors for restaurants end, there is an observation deck. Above you can see the steeple.

Interesting: The base of the building was originally planned to be built with a concrete block (in accordance with the requirements of the Security Police of New York), which caused a wave of criticism, as in the opinion of the opponents this design resembles a “bunker”. To avoid this, it was decided to use the glass elements in the form of a prism.


New York place to visit number 2: Metropolitan Museum

Metropolitan MuseumAmong the best places to visit in New York an important place is occupied by one of the largest art museums in the world – the Metropolitan Museum which was founded in 1870 by The Union League Club of New York – a group of businessmen and art lovers.

Its main difference from the majority of museums is its financial side: a large part of the funds for its development comes not from the state but from sponsors.

There is a very interesting payment plan of the tickets implemented in the Metropolitan Museum: the price is indicated but you can visit the exhibition for any amount of money, even for a coin of any value. And you can do it for free even simply by asking a ticket. Tickets are also very unusual: they are colorful icons that can be attached to the clothes and then taken as a souvenir. At the same time the today’s ticket has a single icon for one day only and you can’t use the same ticket for two days in a row as each day has its definite color of the ticket.

Going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, you should be ready for a large number of visitors: since the very morning a lot of visitors come to become closer to the beautiful things. And if you aim to explore all the exhibits – get ready to go to the museum on a daily basis for at least a week.

What to do if you are tired of viewing the exhibits?

  1. you can relax and have a snack in one of several cafes offering mostly fast food,
  2. you can take pictures as it is allowed to have photos in the museum only without flash and tripod

Why is this museum so popular among visitors? At the beginning of the XX century the museum began to acquire international fame. Here you can find the unique exhibits: in 1907, the collection was increased with Auguste Renoir painting, later a lot of the masterpieces of Impressionist and Post-Impressionists were added. Museum was lucky to get the works of Vermeer. Only about 40 paintings of his authorship survived and 5 of them are in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum now.

Today the collection includes more than two million works of art. The basis of the collection of the Metropolitan Museum consists of three private collections, including the collection of John Kensett – 38 paintings by famous artists. In addition to the work of artists in the museum there are works of photographers Diane Arbus, Walker Evans and others, as well as one of the most complete collections in the world of Egyptian art. Once a year, the Museum publishes an “Annual Report” with descriptions of new acquisitions. The first President of the Metropolitan Museum’s name was George Clooney, and the executive director was George W. Bush.

We advise to pay special attention to the following departments of the museum:

  1. American art – painting, sculpture, interiors of different eras;
  2. weapons and armor – armor, European and Middle East, an extensive collection of Japanese weapons;
  3. drawings and lithographs – the works of many well-known authors, including Rembrandt, Goya, Durer;
  4. Ancient Egyptian art – jewelry, statues, tombs of the Middle and Ancient Egyptian kingdom;
  5. medieval art – objects from the XIV to the XVI century, Byzantine and Celtic art, Gothic and Romanesque sculptures, tapestries and stained glass windows;
  6. contemporary art – painting, sculpture, graphics and architecture dating back to 1900.

Interesting: Each exhibit has a tablet on which in addition to the title you can see the author’s name and some interesting fact about this work.


New York place to visit number 3: Metropolitan Opera House

 Metropolitan Opera HouseMetropolitan Opera House is one of the places to visit in New York city even if you have not much time as it is one of the most famous opera houses in the world! It is located in the Lincoln Center in the “heart” of New York. It opened in 1880 in the building of Opera on Broadway which was located right up to 1966, later it moved to the Metropolitan Opera House in Lincoln Center in Manhattan, where it remains till today.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century it was one of the leading opera places in the world. Artistic directors have always invited the world-famous artists, so it is not surprising that at different times there were such masters of art as:

  1. Placido Domingo,
  2. Luciano Pavarotti,
  3. Enrico Caruso,
  4. Adam Didur,
  5. Zinka Milanov.

All works in the Metropolitan Opera are performed in the language of the original work of art.

The walls of the lobby of the Metropolitan Opera are decorated with the frescoes of the famous painter Marc Chagall and the curtain is decorated with an embroidery of the pure silk and weighs as much as a few hundred kilograms! Can you imagine this?

In addition to the main stage at the Metropolitan Opera, there are three sub stages with the total auditorium designed for 3900 seats. Despite this more than impressive size, the hall is renowned for its excellent acoustics. Opera is literally permeated with the spirit of solemnity and monumentality.

Interesting: The theater is open from September to April, during this period you can visit it and enjoy performances every day!


New York place to visit number 4:Statue of Liberty

Statue of LibertyPerhaps not only Native American, but also any citizen of our Planet can answer the question about the symbol of the United States without hesitation. Sure, it is the Statue of Liberty! Not by chance we see this monument so often in American movies and buy the souvenirs to take home.

Underlining the greatness of the monument, it is often compared with the Colossus of Rhodes, the ancient Greek statue which didn’t live up to our days. The poet Emma Lazarus wrote the sonnet “The New Colossus” by the opening of the Statue of Liberty. Since 1903, a special plate with lines of this work has been decorating the pedestal of the monument.

By the way, not everyone knows that the full name of the Statue of Liberty sounds like “Liberty Enlightening the World». 46-foot (93-meter with a pedestal), the Statue of Liberty standing proudly on the island, is the gift presented to the United States on behalf of the French people, once supported the Americans in the struggle for independence. The idea of ​​creating the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of independence and democracy was born in 1865.

The original layout of the Statue of Liberty was made in 1870 by Bartholdi, today the first copy of the legendary monument can be seen in the Luxembourg Gardens near the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The American corner of the earth for the monument was chosen by Bartholdi as in his opinion, there is no the better place than the island Bedlow which is located 3 km to the southwest of the southern boundary of Manhattan.However, historians have revealed some secrets. It turns out their giant sculpture of Bartholdi could be well represented not only on the island near New York, but in Port Said which is located in the Suez Canal, that connects the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Statue of Liberty inside and outside:

The Statue of Liberty is a steel frame with the total weight of 125 tones. It is built in such a way that you can safely move around and even climb the spiral staircase inside the monument. Prior to the main observation deck, located in the crown, there are 354 steps. From there, 25 windows symbolize gemstones, you will like amazing views of New York Harbor standing there. By the way, the seven rays of the crown represent the seven seas and seven continents, as it is commonly believed in the West. The pedestal of the monument was designed by the American architect Richard Morris Hunt. The cement foundation of the Statue of Liberty weighs 27 thousand tones. To get to the top of the podium, you need to overcome 192 steps. Inside the pedestal there is a museum, which can be reached by an elevator.

Have you ever thought who is she – “Lady Liberty”? Who was the artist’s model?  Whose face lights up the world? Surely, these questions are asked by the Americans themselves as well as by the guests from around the world. There are two opinions on this subject:

  1. The first opinion is that Bartholdi showed the face of the French woman Isabella Boyer, the widow of Isaac Singer.
  2. The second opinion is that the Statue of Liberty inherited the image of his mother Charlotte.

Which opinion is true still remains a mystery, which is unlikely to be solved.

Interesting: Annually more than 4 millions of tourists from the whole world come to see this NYC place to visit.


New York place to visit number 5: Times Square

Times SquareTo stay in New York and not to look at the world famous Times Square?! You will never forgive yourself!  This is not just the NYC place to visit, it is the symbol of America, the powerful financial and cultural state, its pulsing emitting glow neon and streetlights heart located in the centre of Manhattan at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue between 42th and 47th streets.

At the beginning of the last century, when it received its famous name after the newspaper “New York Times”, this area has always been a concentration of life, social movements and phenomena, reflecting the mood of the people of New York. Now this is a huge, colorful center with an incredibly well-developed infrastructure, the clock illuminated by flashes of showcases and giant screens, ready to take another good portion of enthusiastic tourists again and again.

Why is it one of the places to visit in New York City? You need to devote more than one day to the acquaintance with the Times Square because it is impossible to cover all the charming places during a week. What to do in the Times Square:

  1. Start the day with a visit to the best information center which is open daily. It offers free internet, and there is a ticket office.
  2. Buy tickets for various shows and performances.
  3. Have coffee in a paper cup
  4. Take part in a mass traditional watching of the popular TV program “Good Morning America” ​​broadcast every day on the giant screen of the building broadcaster ABC.

You should definitely visit the Madame Tussauds Museum.

Having spent a lot of time looking at the offices of the largest and richest companies, film companies, well-known world brands, enclosed in glass and metal skyscrapers of the chain mail, you should pay attention to the 10-storey building with the hidden treasures of Madame Tussauds. Around 200 wax figures of the business stars, politicians and film industry celebrities are waiting for their fans in this museum. Another attraction is 4D short films, after which the line between the virtual world and the real world begins to erase.

The next place that is worth visiting here is the Theater District. Another place of interest, for which people stay in long queues outside the specialized banks, is the Theatre District. There are the best theaters on its territory. There are many concert halls, theaters and musicals of the world (Nederlander, Ethel Barrymore, Theatre Longacre, Schoenfeld, Music Box, Booth, Bernard B. Jacobs, Imperial, Biltmore, Brooks Atkinson, Hilton) They present their masterpieces of performing arts on these stages.

Here year-round you can hear hits from the musicals: “Phantom of the Opera,” “Mamma Mia”, “Chicago” and others.

Shopping centers of the Times Square

Another way to spend a few hours is to go shopping! There are numerous malls and shops, for example, you can visit such popular shops as:

  1. a giant glass cube – Apple store,
  2. a luxury home of sweets- Hershey’s
  3. the world’s largest toy store- toys Us which looks like the magic world with huge statues of Lego and Spiderman.


Interesting: You can make the break between the shopping and visiting theater shows and register marriage by using the services of a cowboy with a guitar who has become popular with tourists. By the way, the license to perform the wedding ceremony is official.


New York place to visit number 6: Harlem

HarlemHarlem is one of the most famous areas of New York, the history of which leads through to the 17th century, when their settlement was established here by Dutch farmers. In the 19th century, having more resources for the existence farmers left Harlem and in 1880 there was a metro area which gradually began to develop.

Most of the population of the district was black citizens because of low real estate prices. They moved here from other parts of New York. This is the reason why this place attracted immigrants from South America.

Many believe that Harlem is a poor and dangerous area, yes, it was before in the mid-80s, but in recent years the city authorities managed to reduce the crime rate in the entire city, including the most disturbing part of it. In addition, in Harlem the old buildings have been restored and updated, new hotels and restaurants, shops have been opened.

You should walk along the 125th Street or King Street which is one of the most famous streets of Harlem, named after the great fighter for the rights and freedoms of blacks- Martin Luther King. In this street there are the most interesting and emblematic places in Harlem, one of which can be called the Studio Museum of Harlem – its cultural heart. There are constantly hosts exhibitions of talented black artists and photographers, and other cultural events. Not far from the museum there is the legendary «Cotton Club», opened in 1923 by the gangster Owney Madden. The walls of this place still remember the sounds of jazz, played by the great Duke Ellington. Today, any person regardless of skin color, can come here to listen to the magical jazz performances.

Here a huge number of people gather:

  1. talented actors,
  2. jazz fans
  3. hip-hop artists.

The architecture is fascinating here. You should definitely find time to visit:

  1. all these beautiful churches and cathedrals, among which there is the magnificent Cathedral of St. John the Divine,
  2. colleges and universities, including Columbia University – one of the most prestigious in the United States

Interesting: Today, Harlem is a wonderful and interesting NYC place to visit, having the name of African-American Culture Center.


New York place to visit number 7: Central Park

Central ParkCentral Park of New York City near Manhattan is one of the most favorite places of the local citizens and tourists. They come here not only to enjoy the nature and feed squirrels. On the territory of the park you can find:

  1. Bethesda Fountain,
  2. musical clocks,
  3. sculptures
  4. monuments,
  5. an open-air Delacorte Theater,
  6. The Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre
  7. Zoo,
  8. the castle Belvedere,
  9. the museum of modern art-Metropolitan Museum.

Along with skyscrapers Central Park is a symbol of New York City. The idea of ​​creating a public space in Manhattan like the rest of London’s Hyde Park was first announced in the 40-ies. in the 19th century by the journalists of the newspaper Evening Post. The idea was picked up by locals and in 1853 the city authorities have started the construction of the park.

Places to see in one of the best places to visit in New York City:

  1. to walk and enjoy nature,
  2. ride a bike,
  3. boat on the pond,
  4. listen to musicians,

The main rule is no littering and no smoking. The park has no eateries and food stalls, so the provisions are allowed to be taken with you in your own containers and thermoses for picnics at any convenient location.

At the entrance from the 5th Avenue there is a zoo, known to all fans of the cartoon “Madagascar.” Here, at the open-air cages you can see monkeys, snow leopards, bears, lemurs as well as a crowd of children and their parents. By the way, the park operates another zoo, where you can contact with the pets: ponies, goat, sheep. All of them are allowed to feed and touch. If you visit NYC with children, then they like this park most of all.

Interesting: Here a variety of free performances and concerts are regularly held. They are provided not only by the street artists. The castle Belvedere (there is an observatory now) offers various competitions and educational programs for children as well.

It is well-known that NYC is not a cheap place to visit but it is really worth it! This city is a collection of the best places to visit. Hope this excursion was useful for you to consider which New York places to visit.


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I am Yura Matskevich, traveled around 74 countries, travel is my passion, on pages I share useful information.

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