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Top-15 Most Attractive Places to visit in Dallas

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I am Yura Matskevich, traveled around 74 countries, travel is my passion, on pages I share useful information.

DallasIf you arrive in Texas, you will be pleasantly surprised that there are still good old ranch, visited by many tourists. As explained by the old-timers, they exist in order the guests understand – modern Dallas has grown from a local land and customs, where previously true cowboy culture dominated.

Dallas is called the center of technology, the local variety of Silicon Valley. If you want to watch the show with the bulls, then you need to go to the nearby town of Dallas, Fort Worth, which is still widely regarded as the agricultural center of the whole of Texas. Here, there is the old neighborhood “Animal Farm”, which is the real fun for tourists. You can find the “real” cowboy saloons, along local roads there are shepherds as usual with the herds of fattened bulls and at the local arenas there are tournaments held constantly on the rodeo.

But if you are tired of this ranch, you can look at Southfork, where in the 1970s the famous TV series Dallas were filmed. But the city of Dallas is located on the Trinity River. It is on its banks all residents of Dallas like spending their weekends, but the greatest demand is for space on the coast of Lake White Lake, where the vast territory is 270 000 square meters. It is a famous local arboretum, botanical garden, and for those who are tired of the car, modern bike paths have been built.


Place to visit number 1: The Sixth Floor Museum

The Sixth Floor MuseumAttraction number one in Dallas is the Sixth Floor Museum. Sixth Floor Museum is dedicated to the tragic events in US history – the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald Assassin (the official version) shot the president on the sixth floor of school books’ store.

This is not just a museum dedicated to the assassination of the 35th US president John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The museum is the building where Lee Harvey Oswald fired several shots at the president. The tragic event took place in a street with the well-known name Elm Street.

Sixth Floor Museum is located in a former warehouse of Texas textbooks’ store, where shortly before the commission of the offense Lee Harvey Osvadd got a job.

The museum exhibition includes:

  • photos,
  • videos,
  • documents,
  • various certificates, dedicated to the investigation of the Kennedy assassination,
  • a series of images, which captured the last minutes of the president’s life and his wife’s face after the incident,
  • a wall with letters, newspaper clippings and telegrams with words of sorrow and sympathy from around the world.

Each person, who comes here is able to feel that Kennedy’s death was not a local problem of the United States but a tragedy for all humanity.

On a separate stand there are all versions regarding the culprit of what happened from the KGB (Lee Harvey Osvadd was married to a Soviet citizen) to Fidel Castro.

Black tinted windows at the very top are the seventh floor, which houses a museum. Kennedy was shot from the sixth floor window.

Interesting: If fate will give you  the chance to visit Dallas, do not walk past – it is an important part of the history of Texas, the United States and the whole world.


Place to visit number 2: Dallas Museum of Art

Dallas Museum of ArtDallas Museum of Art was founded in 1903 by the decision of members of the Association of Art in Dallas. Initially (in the absence of its own building) pictures of the museum were kept in the city library. And since 1909, time when the museum moved to the premises of the Public Art Gallery an active exhibition activity started. In subsequent years, the exhibits several times changed the place of their location, while in 1984 the museum has not taken its modern building.

The museum’s collection includes works by artists such as:

  • Cezanne,
  • Daumier,
  • Degas,
  • Gauguin,
  • Monet,
  • Pissarro,
  • Renoir,
  • Toulouse-Lautrec,
  • Van Gogh.

You will find sculptures, decorative and applied art, china, oriental rugs, rare books and a lot of other interesting things there.

In 2005, the museum was presented three major private collections belonging to the family of Cindy and Rachovski. They presented the American and European art of the period from the beginning of the 1940s until the beginning of the XXI century.

Among the most valuable pieces in the museum there are works of artists: Rene Magritte, Gerhard Richter, Marcel Duchamp, Mark Rothko, Bill Viola and others.. Margaret McDermott also contributed to the exposure by giving the museum Claude Monet “Water Lilies in a pond, the clouds,” which became the seventh in the collection of Monet paintings.

Interesting: A total number of works presented was 800


Place to visit number 3: Ethnographic Museum

Ethnographic MuseumIt should be noted that Americans have one important feature – they are very careful to the past, to the history of formation of the statehood. The clearest example of this is the great open-air ethnographic museum, which is located in Dallas. From the very first glance, you will realize that this is a special place.

The park, which houses the museum, is known as “Old Town” and is located in the heart of the metropolis. It was laid in the second half of the XIX century. This place was given to the city by two conscious citizens. For a long time the park was empty, remaining a favorite place of recreation for residents of Dallas. In the middle of the twentieth century, it was not rebuilt, turning in the architectural and ethnographic museum.

Outwardly, it looks like a typical American town of the late XIX – early XX century. In total, it has about 40 facilities, which include:

  • school,
  • church,
  • hospital,
  • houses,
  • shop,
  • pub,
  • hotel,
  • railway station,
  • a bank,
  • a printing press.

What is striking is that all exhibits of the ethnographic museum (including buildings and utensils) are real. They were donated by individuals and brought to Dallas from all over the state of Texas.

Interesting: Americans, especially the indigenous, are very fond of this museum and enjoy visiting it, experiencing nostalgia as they feel their past, which plays a great role for their present.


Place to visit number 4: Deep Ellum District

Deep Ellum DistrictIn the east of Dallas there is a trendy Deep Ellum district, which is famous for:

  • the historic charm of the Lakewood Theater,
  • beauty of squares Vickery and Brian,
  • botanical gardens,
  • trendy restaurants,
  • and even wine cellars.

In the heart of the district there is the legendary art-located quarter, which began its existence with a glorious Utopian commune of La Reunion, which was founded by a group of European artists and musicians in 1855 and was situated at the west of Dallas. When the commune was disbanded, its members moved to Dallas, where the art quarter was founded.

It is here in the Deep Ellum lovers of live music, art and experimental theater will find everything they need – from the most unique performances and magnificent galleries to the many music clubs, where you can hear the performers of blues and jazz, reggae and alternative rock.

Interesting:  Deep Ellum is also famous for festivals and interesting events being held the whole year round. Tourists who are looking for great nightlife and shopping should definitely visit this place.


Place to visit number 5: The Methodist Episcopal Church “Grace”

The Methodist Episcopal Church "Grace"Episcopal Church is one of the historic churches of Dallas. The church was founded in 1903 for a wealthy community. However, in the late XX century, wealthy citizens started to move to the northern and eastern parts of Dallas and many churches have changed their location together with them.

Reasons to visit this place in Dallas are the following:

  • This church is one of the few remaining in the same place in the city center.
  • The church was built in neo-Gothic style.
  • This is a very beautiful building of significant architectural monument recognized and recorded in the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

In its construction such materials as brick and stone were used.

Interesting: City residents enjoy visiting the church, a lot of couples are willing to get married in the walls of this historic place and tourists admire the enchanting beauty of the architecture as well.


Place to visit number 6: Dallas Municipal Building

Dallas Municipal BuildingCity Hall is considered to be Dallas Historic Landmark. This is a beautiful historic building that is located in the city center and is the object of attention of many tourists.

Some facts about City Hall, which may be of interest for each tourist:

  • In 1914, the fourth city hall was opened in this building.
  • In 1956, it was home to the city’s police department.
  • It is exactly that place, where the only formal suspect Lee Harvey Oswald was signed after the assassination of President Kennedy.

Authorities often receive requests for permission to conduct the filming inside the building. Today, the city court is located here. However, there are plans to give this building to the College of Law.

Interesting: The building often falls into the route of the tourists, who love the city’s sights, as it is located near a lot of very interesting cultural sites.


Place to visit number 7: Arboretum & Botanical Gardens of Dallas

Arboretum & Botanical Gardens of DallasArboretum and Botanical Gardens of Dallas are one of the most beautiful sights of the city. Its doors to the first visitors opened in 1984. Every year thousands of tourists come here from all over the world to admire the amazing landscaped gardens. Dallas climate allows flowers to please their bright colors all year round.

On 66 acres of garden area there is a collection of more than 2,800 unique flowers, trees and shrubs. Arboretum is a complex of:

  • gardens,
  • tiered fountains,
  • cozy gazebos.

The garden is often used for a variety of:

  • exhibitions,
  • concerts.

Interesting: You may see a lot of wedding ceremonies often conducted here as this place suits such event most of all being the most beautiful. There is also a restaurant, where you can relax after an exciting outing.


Place to visit number 8: Fountain Place

Fountain PlaceFountain Place is an unusual construction. This is a monument of modern architecture, which is located in the heart of Dallas. The name of the building appeared thanks to the cascade of 172 fountains, located on the square in front of it.

Why should you visit this place?

  • The skyscraper is one of the most prominent in the United States.
  • The building is famous for its unique architecture – it is built in the form of a multi-faceted glass prism.

The building was completed in 1986. Today, there are offices of various companies located there. At the foot of the tower you will find cozy cafes and restaurants. Tourists and residents of the city come here to admire this unusual architectural wonder.

Interesting: The height of the building constructed in the Art Nouveau style is 220 meters.


Place to visit number 9: Hotel Adolphus

Hotel AdolphusHotel Adolphus is a historic hotel located in the heart of Dallas. The hotel was founded in 1912 by Baron Adolf Bush. A masterpiece of Baroque architecture has become a true legend of the city!

Over the years of its existence the hotel hosted many famous guests, including:

  • Queen Elizabeth II,
  • Oscar de la Renta,
  • Donald Trump and others.

The hotel is recognized by critics as one of the most beautiful buildings in the West. The hotel is literally dazzles with its magnificence. Its elegant style and European charm is reflected not only on the facade of the building, but also in the interior decoration of the hotel.

Interesting: This 4-star hotel, featuring also a first-class service is located near the interesting sites to visit in Dallas.


Place to visit number 10: South Methodical University

South Methodical University is a private university, opened in Dallas in 1911 at the expense of methodological Episcopal Church, which owns it up to the current time. The University is located in the heart of the city. It has about 11,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

The most important reasons to go there in case you visit Dallas are the following:

  • Today it is recognized as an outstanding teaching and research center.
  • The 10 libraries of the University have the world’s largest private collection of research materials.
  • At the University there is a world-famous museum Meadows located here with one of the finest collections of Spanish art outside of Spain.

Interesting: University building itself is very beautiful, it is surrounded by a scenic green park with fountains and avenues, which are able to attract your attention.


Place to visit number 11: Dallas Hall

Dallas HallDallas Hall is a beautiful old building with nearly a century of history, located in the Southern Methodological University. The building is very attractive and is considered an important landmark of the city. Dallas Hall was built in 1915. This building first appeared on the campus of Southern University Methodical Dallas. The building is located at the end of University Avenue. Today the university administration is here.

Why is this place worth seeing?

  • The architecture of the building is an interpretation of the Roman Pantheon.
  • The three-storey rotunda and flanking wings are typical of architecture built in the Renaissance style.
  • The rotunda is crowned with brilliant stained glass and copper dome covered with rich green patina.

Interesting: Dallas Hall is one of the ten methodological university buildings included in the National Register of Historic Places.


Place to visit number 12: Museum of Nature and Science “Perot”

Museum of Nature and Science "Perot"Museum “Perot” is the newest museum in Dallas. It is a combination of the three already existing museums in Dallas:

  • Museum of Natural History,
  • Children’s Museum,
  • The “Place of Science”.

This new museum is located near the area of ​​arts and Clyde Warren Park along Vudel Roger highway between downtown and uptown. It opened its doors to visitors on December 1, 2012.

Museum of Nature and Science “Perot” has a wide range of exhibits and activities perfect for the entire family, including:

  • an IMAX theater,
  • an outdoor area,
  • one acre science park with fountains, giant jumping frogs and musical instruments,
  • landscaping in Texas style.

Interesting: Visitors are greeted by a fossil dinosaur Malavizaurus and “dancing water” molecules exhibit in the museum’s lobby.


Place to visit number 13: Dallas Zoo

Dallas ZooFor little children and their parents there is a zoo, known as “the thickets of Africa”, where there are approximately 8000 captivating creatures, among which you will see such as:

  • playful chimps,
  • majestic African elephants.

The best study of the zoo is possible due to the monorail tours. Feed the giraffes and have lunch overlooking the site of a lion, and then head towards the well-loved children’s zoo where young visitors can pet pygmy goats, take a pony ride and feed the birds.

Interesting: It is a popular children’s pastime any season. Through monorail that quickly takes visitors through the park, children’s eyes will not tear off from the zoo.


Place to visit number 14: Dallas World Aquarium

Dallas World AquariumMeet the inhabitants of the underwater world at the aquarium Dallas World Aquarium excursions. There are a great number of rare sea animals:

  • Rare manatee,
  • octopus,
  • jellyfish,
  • sharks,
  • crocodiles,
  • hundreds of species of colorful fish.

You will fully appreciate the diversity of the inhabitants of the deep sea here. If you plan family traveling, then this place should be among the first ones in your list.

Interesting: It is worth noting that the collection of underwater inhabitants in Dallas Aquarium is one of the best in the world.


Place to visit number 15: Park “Six Flags over Texas”

 Park “Six Flags over Texas”Are you a fan of noisy entertainment and fun? Then amusement park Six Flags over Texas is the best place to visit in Dallas.

Every day in the park there are the following things available:

  • interesting shows,
  • entertainment programs,
  • modern sideshows,
  • playgrounds and cozy recreation zones for visitors.

In the entertainment center there is a beautiful park called “Glow in the Park”, where you can enjoy a spectacular laser show. In summer, it welcomes guests on a daily basis and during other seasons it works on weekends only.

Interesting: There are more than 100 great sideshows in the park.



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I am Yura Matskevich, traveled around 74 countries, travel is my passion, on pages I share useful information.

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