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Top 10 must see places in USA

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I am Yura Matskevich, traveled around 74 countries, travel is my passion, on pages I share useful information.

USAHere you will be able to find out more about must see places in USA which will be especially useful for those who plan their holidays. Any trip to America can be compared to the movie, especially because there are almost no places which haven’t been glorified in the pictures yet. We have chosen the ten best places which are worth “Oscar”.


Must see place in USA number 1. Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica, CAIt is better to start discovering California not from the vast Los Angeles and even not from cozy San Francisco, but from its beaches. Los Angeles suburb of Santa Monica is a combination of:

  1. cool Pacific Ocean,
  2. golden sand,
  3. relaxed people
  4. wild graffiti on the walls,

There you can meet negroes offering you to buy the discs with their rap music. And when you are tired of beach, you can think of having a car walk as California and car trips were made for each other as in California, the “Golden State” as it may be called, there are all kinds of natural landscapes:

  1. snow-capped mountains,
  2. vast deserts
  3. dense forests.

In addition, there are Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose! And the very first place to see is “Disneyland” in Anaheim.

How to spend time in California:

  • To sunbathe on the classic American beach and then to swim bobbing on the waves
  • To go deep into Santa Monica on the pedestrian mall Terd Street Promeyneyd and listen to the live music of the rappers
  • To ride on the carousel with the horses on the pier and the ferris wheel, built in the 1920s.
  • To drive along the Sunset Boulevard and then along  the winding and scenic Mulholland Drive
  • To spend a fortune during an evening in the best bars in Los Angeles and maybe be lucky to see Paris Hilton, Misha Burton, Johnny Depp – or the people who are very similar to them.

Advice: This place should be a must see place in USA if you like listening to rap, have always dreamt to visit Disneyland and sunbathe at the beautiful seaside.


Must see place in USA number 2: Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, IllinoisChicago is the so-called representative of the twenties and thirties of the USA. Fascinated with ghosts of the era in Chicago’s downtown that bears the name of The Loop you can see everything that symbolizes it:

  1. neo-Gothic building with gargoyles, wickedly grinning from under the signboards,
  2. massive steel support of the above-ground metro,
  3. fire escapes at the walls

However, Chicago – it’s not just the Great Depression. It is a springboard for the latest research and architectural innovation. In the movie “The Lake House” the character Keanu Reeves specially showed Sandra Bullock the most beautiful Chicago buildings. And in the Millennium Park, right in the center – the triumph of modern trends:

– huge curved mirror in the form of drops,

– videos on the water flowing down the steep wall,

– a huge stage with the audience on the lawn.

How to entertain yourself here:

  1. first a ride on the old above-ground metro (EL),
  2. then go by boat on the Chicago River, which flows into Lake Michigan.
  3. look at the panorama of skyscrapers standing on the deck at the Stars and Stripes with your head held high
  4. walk on the Magnificent Mile – luxury segment of Michigan Avenue.
  5. to listen to classical music in the Millennium Park performed by the Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra
  6. to go to a jazz club in the evening and to enjoy looking at the interior which hasn’t been changed about thirty years, such as the Green Mill where Al Capone used to spent time.

Advice: Go to Chicago if you are fond of jazz music and admire beautiful architecture.


Must see place in USA number 3. South Park, Colorado

South Park, ColoradoIn fact, there are ghost towns not only in Colorado, but also in Utah, Arizona, Texas, but Colorado miners’ settlement  is an absolute classic. The town of South Park (yes, this is the prototype of the four country boys from the animated series) near San Francisco is carefully maintained in a desolate condition.

In South Park people once mined for gold, but when finished everybody left. Here there are a few dozen buildings for different purposes – the saloon, pharmacy, railway station, even the house of the teacher of music and a dentist’s office. Around there are the majestic Rocky Mountains, the centuries-old spruce, mossy boulders, a tumbleweed under foot and deer similar to Bambi from the cartoon, near the road.

How to spend time in South Park, Colorado?

  1. To spend the whole day in a ghost town,
  2. To play cards in an abandoned saloon
  3. To read old issue newspapers “Evening South Park”,
  4. To sit in the driver’s cab of the locomotive,
  5. To have dinner at the nice hotel by the fireplace.
  6. To purchase a fur hat a la St. John’s wort or a cowboy hat, for the sale of which there is a special shop,
  7. To go on a horse ride through the mountains.
  8. To rent an electric car and go into the woods on the photoshoot of the not frightened wild animals.

Advice: Ten miles away from South Park, near San Francisco, you can go skiing – in winter or rafting on the Colorado River in summer.


Must see place in USA number 4: Yellowstone, Wyoming

Yellowstone, WyomingThe most famous the world’s first national park, the area of which is twice larger than Montenegro, pictured in the half of American movies about nature.Hundred-meter waterfalls, alpine lakes, geysers and scenery of “Brokeback Mountain” and all textbook American animals: coyotes, bison, elk and bears grizzly can be found here.

With the latter is quite possible to meet: bears can be seen while driving along a special asphalt trails, which there are 250 kilometers, as well as possible to see them when they come to the souvenir shop themselves. In this case, it is better not to conduct negotiations and to run to the car immediately. In short, in spite of the civility, Yellowstone – is, naturally, the backwater of America. Numerous geysers have poetic names here. The most famous is called “Old Faithful” because it spats boiling water with military punctuality: once an hour. In the evening the geyser turns on theromantic lighting.

Things to do in Yellowstone:

  1. To sit at the base of the Lower Falls, rushing down the water from a height of 106 meters.
  2. To look in the mud volcano “Black Dragon”, where the black mixture with iron sulfate boils. Around 20 meters nothing alive has been left because of toxic fumes.
  3. To catch a trout in Yellowstone Lake, standing with a fishing rod on the Bridge Fishing. Despite the competition in the form of hundreds of the same fishermen it is impossible to leave without a catch as trout itself is spinning.
  4. Away from the park to call on the presentation in Jackson Hole town where costumed criminals nightly attack stagecoach bank Wells Fargo. However, there is not more intrigue than in any Hollywood action: after a shootout with bandits, sheriffs finish the evening on the gallows.

Advice: If you plan to visit this place, it is better to get there from any major city to Denver (from New York or Los Angeles).


Must see place in USA number 5: Mississippi

MississippiAlmost everyone has been dreaming to swim at the main North American river if you read about Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn in childhood. Water trails of Mark Twain are still possible to pass on the built in 1926 steamboat called Delta Queen. Moving from a temperate continental climate to the prairies and subtropics, you can feel like an average American bourgeoisie in the endless tea parties on the deck and see a lot of interesting things- from the settlements in the houses-boats right on the water to the twin cities of the Minneapolis and St. Paul, symmetrically arranged on different sides . Also, to the left and to the right side you can see plantations, without the slaves bowed down on them, the mighty bridges and manor with columns like the one where Scarlett loved Rhett.

In addition to the typical southern towns, the Mississippi flows through Louisiana, including New Orleans. Things to do:

  • The birthplace of jazz, voodoo dolls and Mardi Gras was rather destroyed by the hurricane, but is still there, that’s why it is absolutely necessary to walk through the French Quarter, and to understand what is Creole cuisine.
  • To see houses built before the Civil War in Nacheze through which the Delta Queen goes. Here there are more than anywhere else

Advice: Make your child’s dream come true and swim the river. Mississippi is associated with the music and ships.


Must see place in USA number 6: Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, NevadaOn the main street, Strip there are all of the most famous casinos and a complete sense of unreality. In Venetian gondolas ply the artificial channels, in Paris – small Montmartre, artificial clear sky and chanson, in the Wynn – showroom “Ferrari”, in the Bellagio – Restaurant Picasso with the original paintings on the walls.

The most touching is the fountains at the Bellagio, showing water performances under the Viva Las Vegas and My Heart Will Go On. Generally, in Las Vegas bouts of deja vu are much stronger than in New York. You must have seen fountains in “Ocean’s Eleven Friends”, who just robbed the Bellagio. Canonical signs on Fremont Street – famous cowboy and girl shaking his leg up and down also often appear in movies.  In fact that Vegas, where a kind word and a gun could solve more than just a kind word, no longer exists. Old Vegas, run by the mafia, was executed by the FBI in the mid-1980s – its agony is shown in the movie “Casino” by Martin Scorsese. Former casino was demolished, in their place there are new, more pompous, more expensive and owned by corporations rather than families.

Things to do in Las Vegas:

  1. To go to casino to win or to lose a fortune
  2. To drink free cocktails, offered to all players
  3. To relax in the night club

Advice: Las Vegas is the destination for gamblers and those who just want to compare if movies differ from reality.


Must see place in USA number 7: Alaska

AlaskaWhite silence – it’s about Alaska. There are still many frozen and uninhabited vast places. The best idea is to fly around the glaciers and forests by helicopter or plane: Alaska’s largest fleet of private aircraft throughout North America. Here you can organize helicopter tours and dog sledding. In the south of the peninsula climate is quite suitable for life and breadth is such that it is possible to sunbathe all year round. Local people go into the water in April. The middle part will remain frozen and won’t completely melt but if the ice comes down on the banks – a water suit and the boat will be enough to enjoy water. And when cold goes away a bit you can see bald eagles-  one of the American symbol, and bears trying ti catch the fish.

Things to do:

  1. To spend the day surfing in the ocean,
  2. To ski and snowboard.
  3. To ride on the “bagel”: snow tubing is relatively safe, but it is not cowardly alternative to snowboarding. Rubberized wheels can accommodate up to three people and go from the mountain at high speed.
  4. To drink with severe willed men and women of the largest state of America their local drink everklir which is really strong ( 95 degrees) but they say there is no hangover after drinking it. Snack with famous cod and legendary salmon, which you can personally catch the day before, came out at sea fishing.
  5. To rent a plane with a pilot, getting to the airport on a husky, and there – proud to fly over snowy peaks.

Advice: You won’t regret going there if you like flying by planes and looking at glaciers.


Must see place in USA number 8: New England

New EnglandNew England combines a few small states in the north-east. They are:

  1. Massachusetts,
  2. Maine,
  3. New Hampshire,
  4. Vermont,
  5. Rhode Island
  6. Connecticut

New England is a must see place in USA as it is a cradle of the nation and the place of disembarkation of the first Columbian Vikings under the artistic direction of Leif Eriksson. Everyone has their own set of images. For example, in Maine – rocky shore with a lighthouse, in Vermont – the forests and mountains, which are suitable for sketches, and in Connecticut there are a lot of pastoral countryside and towns with Gothic cathedrals. In these parts, as in Europe, it is particularly great in spring and autumn.

Appalachian Mountains at this time are fresh and beautiful, and wandering through the woods and dales, you will come across at the old mill in unexpected places in the manner of the Dutch, stone powder stores and abandoned century-old farms.

Things to do in New England:

  1. To rent a bright house reminiscent of dwelling of the Norwegian fisherman on Lake Winnipesaukee,
  2. To go boating, listening to the cries of loons and buy souvenirs from their feathers.
  3. To plunge into the urban life in Boston.
  4. To visit MIT Museum – Institute of manufacturing the best technical brains in the world.
  5. To enjoy nightlife in Boston
  6. To relax in bars.
  7. To have dinner in some nice restaurant
  8. To visit the student’s party. If you want to cheer up, remember that New England – a pillar of the American educational system, with Harvard and Yale, and on the rights of the foreign guests try to get on a student party.

Advice: New England is famous for its villages, campuses and sure beautiful nature. Visit this place if you like old traditions and places which have preserved the spirit of England centuries ago.


Must see place in USA number 9: Grand Canyon, Nevada

MountainsWhen you find yourself in Nevada near the Grand Canyon, it seems that this is not the Earth at all, and, for example, that you are on Mars. Red rocks form a bottomless pit depth of one and a half kilometers long and three hundred. From rocks with the help of the Colorado River and tectonic changes we can see peaks, arches, spirals, and a masterly sculpture.

Around there are the heroic plants, ferns and cacti, breaking through the solid earth. Everything seems to be eternal and immutable, although some sixty million years ago Colorado flew across the plain and gradually paved the way through the rock itself, but that has not calmed down – and now the canyon is constantly growing due to erosion. The color of the rocks is also changing, however, much faster: run over the clouds, the sun moves, it becomes red and bluish-gray, then black.

Things to do here:

  1. To fly above the Canyon by helicopter or sports plane – such tours are organized here almost every hour.
  2. Walk through the place with a transparent floor which was opened in 2007, located in two and a half times higher than the tallest building in the world.
  3. To go to the north (North Rim) in Kanab, where there are fewer tourists, and to communicate with Canyon Tet-a-Tet.
  4. To go down to the bottom, on foot or riding a mule. If you are brave – raft on the Colorado River, during several days, with rapids and real danger.

Advice:  Grand Canyon is for those who want to see something incredible created by nature. This place is for those who like active rest going rafting and flying by plane.


Must see place in USA number 10. Miami, Florida

Miami, FloridaIn Florida there is white sand, but at night it is not visible. Miami lives mainly under the cover of night, partly because it’s hot there. The band of Miami Beach stretches for 45 kilometers and kilometers of this are full of dancing till you drop, beautiful restaurants, and all kinds of debauchery. What begins here on Spring Break, when students and schoolchildren from all over America rush to Florida is similar to the last party before the end of the world.

Things to do in Florida:

  1. To go to the villa Bizkaia, built in 1916 in the spirit of the Renaissance, to wander through the dazzlingly beautiful rooms and a park to make sure that the luxury to Miami, as the seagulls for a sailor – nothing
  2. To walk in the botanical garden “Fairchild», where there are glass installations of Dave Chihuly arranged between the tropical plants and sculpture by Roy Lichtenstein.
  3. To go to Key West – the southernmost point of the United States, where the weather is fine and from where Cuba is perfectly visible. There’s a small island, the most famous in the United States sunset at Mallory Square and the house where the writer Ernest Hemingway lived for almost a decade. Once he was presented a cat, and now there are about fifty offspring in the house.

Advice: Go to Miami if you like having fun during holidays. This place is for those who like enjoying nightlife.



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I am Yura Matskevich, traveled around 74 countries, travel is my passion, on pages I share useful information.

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