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Top-10 Greatest Things to Do in Dubai Which You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

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I’m Veronica Brown, I’ve been traveling for more than 10 years, traveled to more than 100 countries of the world, sharing with you the most useful and important information on the pages

Dubai can rightfully be called the eighth wonder of the world: on the territory of this emirate, probably all the wonders of our time can be found. Dubai is a city of wonders that you can only believe when you see them with your own eyes. This is a city where masterpieces of modern architecture coexist with historic quarters, and man-made islands grow into the sea. We will tell you about the main attractions everyone who comes to Dubai must visit.



Thing to do number 1: Have a Look at Burj Khalifa

Burj Khaifa is the tallest building in the world. The height of the skyscraper, located in Dubai, is 828 meters, it is 163 floors. Its shape resembles a stalagmite. Burj Khalifa was immediately planned as the tallest skyscraper, but its design height was kept secret. This was done in the event that a building of greater height was designed somewhere – then adjustments could be made to the project. Dubai Tower was conceived as a “city within a city” – with its own lawns, boulevards, and parks.

The total cost of the facility is about 1.5 billion dollars. Inside the Burj Khalifa complex is a hotel, apartments, offices and shopping centers. The building has three separate entrances: the hotel, the apartment and office space.

  • On the 43rd and 76th floors, there are gyms, swimming pools, viewing platforms with a jacuzzi.
  • On the 122nd floor, there is a restaurant “Atmosphere” with 80 seats – it is located at the highest altitude in the world.

The highest observation deck of the Burj Khalifa is located on the 148th floor at an altitude of 555 meters. Two more sites are located on the 124th (472 meters) and 125th floors. The air inside the building is not only cooled but also flavored thanks to special membranes. This fragrance was created specifically for Burj Khalifa. Glasses do not let the dust and repel the sun’s rays, allowing you to maintain the optimum temperature in the building, besides they are washed daily. Especially for the Burj Khalifa, a special brand of concrete was developed that can withstand temperatures up to +50 ° C. The concrete mixture was placed only at night, and ice was added to the solution.

The building has 57 elevators. In this case, only the service elevator rises from the first floor to the last. Residents and visitors skyscraper move between floors with transfers. Burj Khalifa elevators reach speeds of up to 10 m / s.

Interesting: At the foot of the skyscraper in an artificial lake is a musical fountain Dubai. It is illuminated by 6,600 light sources and 50 color spotlights. The length of the fountain is 275 m, and the height of the jets reaches 150 meters. The fountain has musical accompaniment.


Thing to do number 2: Have a Walk in the Bollywood Park

Bollywood Park in Dubai is the first and so far the only theme park in the world, created based on not Indian, but Indian film masterpieces. Painted elephants, clouds of snow-white palaces, intricate air pavilions with openwork arches and carved panels, bright colors of decor and lighting, as well as songs, dances and happy smiles that can be found only in the finale of Indian cinema is the most accurate description of the local atmosphere.

The park has few slides, but the main highlight is not in them. Most rides are related to the filmmaking process. Here you can:

  • learn about new technologies in the cinema,
  • watch the creation of special effects,
  • and even take on the role of an actor in an Indian film.

At many venues, visitors are recommended to wear 3D glasses – thanks to them you feel like being inside the picture, the action takes place around, and not just on the screen.

One of the most spectacular amusements in the park is a dance show on the stage of the Rajmahal Pavilion (daily at 8:00 pm). This is the famous Bollywood choreography. Events unfold in the best traditions of Indian happy parties – boys and girls in elegant costumes dance, happily smiling at each other, as if this is the best day of their lives. The performance lasts about 20 minutes and leaves few people indifferent.

Interesting: Among other things, the park is recreated shopping street Mumbai. There are many shops and souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants where you can try Indian cuisine and sip traditional tea with spices.


Thing to do number 3: Entertain Yourself in IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai – a variety of attractions, cozy fabulous streets, restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops, as well as the world of virtual reality in numerous cinemas. The official partners of the park are the Marvel and Cartoon Network film companies, which means that guests are awaited by heroes of famous films, luxurious decorations and unforgettable adventures.

The park is divided into 5 themed areas:

  • Marvel,
  • Lost Valley,
  • Cartoon Network,
  • IMG Boulevard,
  • Novo Cinemas.

In the Marvel zone, you can get acquainted with the fantastic movie characters and test yourself for strength on extreme-style carousels. There are 4 restaurants in its food court, which serve everything from steaks and seafood to shawarma.

In the Lost Valley area guests are greeted by the “Jurassic Park”. Those who are taller than 1.3 m tall are already waiting for Velotseraptor – this huge rollercoaster is partly in the open air. Younger children can ride the dino-carousel.

Lovers of cartoons should look into the Cartoon Network zone, there is a 5D cinema, an interactive world of Lazy Town and several family cafes. The IMG Boulevard Zone is a blood-chilling Ghost Hotel, unexpectedly cute restaurants and theme shops. In the zone of Novo Cinemas there are 12 state-of-the-art cinemas, where the latest world hits and news of film distribution are held.

Interesting: IMG Worlds is almost completely under the roof – in an artificially air-conditioned room, you shouldn’t be afraid of terrible heat, cloudy, rainy day, and even a sandstorm.


Thing to do number 4: Visit Wild Wadi Water Park

If you love the thrill, then you should definitely visit one of the best water amusement parks in the Middle East – Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai. Translated from the “Anglo-Arabic” Wild Wadi means “channel of a mountain river.” Incredible rides are as fast and exciting as mountain streams. Wild Wadi is located in a prestigious area – between the luxury hotels “Burj Al Arab” and “Jumeirah Beach”. By the way, guests of these hotels and all hotels belonging to the Jumeirah Group can visit the water park for free.

Wild Wadi welcomes guests of any age. However, if you decide to visit the water park with children, then it is worth considering that the guys below 110 cm tall will not be able to ride on many slides due to safety regulations. Instructors simply will not allow a child to go to the rides. For very young visitors, special entertainment is provided.

  • In Wild Wadi, there are very interesting attractions that many other water parks do not have. For example, here you can ride on one of the fastest and highest slides with the effect of free fall. It is called Jumeirah Sceirah.
  • Due to the strong pressure of the water, you first climb up to a height of 23 meters, and then through a special hatch, ride into the tunnel, where you can reach a speed of 80 km / h.
  • In addition, here is the largest wave pool Breakers Bay in the Middle East. Fans of swimming can get on this attraction in a small storm – parallel and intersecting waves reach a height of one and a half meters. If you feel insecure in the water, it is better to use a life jacket.

Interesting: Visitors to the Wild Wadi come to a fabulous country – everything here is decorated in the style of an oriental tale about Sinbad the Sailor. In total there are 30 rides, as well as cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops.


Thing to do number 5: Go to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Year-round opportunity to swim in the sea, many kilometers of sandy beaches, a free economic zone attracting domestic tourists with low prices for gold, fur and leather, high comfort and quality service – this is what we know about Dubai, the leading business and tourist center of the Middle East, famous for their hospitality and unlimited opportunities for business people.

And here you can see a huge aquarium the size of a three-storey house, densely populated with all sorts of sea inhabitants. The largest aquarium in the world, which is confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records, is definitely worth seeing first of all, especially with children! It is located in the largest shopping and entertainment center “Dubai Mall”.

The height of a three-story house and a length of 50 meters, this aquarium has become home to thousands of inhabitants. More than 33,000 marine animals and fish coexist here with each other.

Here you can not only admire the marine life and be photographed against their background. There are many things to do.

  • The most courageous can swim among sharks: certified divers can dive on their own, and beginners after a short training course. Those interested can take a trip on a boat with a transparent glass bottom, admiring the inhabitants passing by.
  • Above the aquarium, there is a zoo where penguins, snakes, reptiles live, and the Marine Research Center is located.
  • On the second floor, there is a gift shop.

A huge transparent panel holds thousands of tons of water and allows you to admire an amazing sight. In the center of the aquarium, a tunnel is laid in all its length, providing a stunning, undistorted view of almost everything (270 degrees from right to left) that lives in the aquarium. Toothy sharks and cheerful stingrays look especially impressive. And you can take pictures of them and yourself against them as much as you like.

Interesting: In the aquarium, you can see more than 140 species of fish and animals, including tiger sharks, rays, octopus, crabs, all kinds of fish. Periodically, new inhabitants appear in the aquarium.


Thing to do number 6: Have a Look at the Arhipelago the World

Want to see the whole world in a few hours? This is possible in the United Arab Emirates. Just 4 km from Dubai, there is an artificial archipelago called the World, which is a smaller copy of our planet. The World archipelago is considered the largest artificial structure of islands on Earth, its area is 55 square km. The outlines of the archipelago repeat the contours of our planet. Initially, seven islands were supposed to appear – mini-continents of the Earth.

Some facts about arhipelago:

  • The cost of one island on the World archipelago ranges from 15 to 250 million USD. The archipelago was created mainly from coastal sand mined in Dubai.
  • Its islands – ranging from 14 to 83 thousand square km – separated from each other by straits reaching 100 m in width, and 16 m in depth.
  • There is an embodiment of the majority of the fair sex, and, perhaps, some of the strong half of humankind on the World archipelago. We are talking about the island of Fashion – Isla Moda. In this paradise for fashionistas, there will be three hotels, designed by the best architects in the world, will have its own spa resort and a huge number of boutiques offering only luxury brands. Perhaps, fashion weeks will be held here, at least studios for fashion shows are already planned for construction.

Interesting: The archipelago has no land communication with the mainland, therefore it is possible to get to this miracle created by human hands only by water or by land. By speedboat or helicopter, you can get to the archipelago from the coast of Dubai in 15-20 minutes.


Thing to do number 7: Go Shopping to Dubai Mall

The largest shopping center in the world – Dubai Mall – is located here. To bypass it is the same as overcoming an area equal to 50 football fields. This is a paradise for shopaholics, because there are more than 1,200 boutiques with clothes from the most famous brands of both budget and luxury. But once here, you can hardly limit yourself to a couple of new pieces of clothing in the wardrobe.

  • Hundreds of electronic and computer hardware stores,
  • boutiques with cosmetics,
  • shops with shoes,
  • boutiques with accessories,
  • sporting goods.

In the Emirates, many go for cheap gold jewelry. So, in the Dubai Mall there is a real gold market with more than 220 jewelry boutiques. Take a break and a snack after many hours of shopping marathon can be right in the mall.

Interesting: In the Dubai Mall, there are about 160 cafes and restaurants that serve local, Mediterranean, Asian, international and Latin cuisine.


Thing to do number 8: Observe Landscapes from Jebel Hafeet Mountain Platform

Jebel Hafeet Mountain is located on the border with Oman. It takes 1.5-2 hours to get to it from Dubai and a powerful car that cannot be hot. A winding four-lane trail, going uphill, passes through a desert area where there is neither green nor housing. Beautiful landscapes open around, it is not for nothing that the mountain is among the UNESCO sites and is considered a candidate for the “wonders of the world.”

There are observation platforms in beautiful lifting areas, but the most spectacular view is for those who get to the top point. There is always the wind that destroys the top of the limestone, giving it a bizarre form.

From the mountain, you can see:

  • the hottest place on the planet Earth – the Rub al-Khali desert,
  • the green oasis of the town of Al Ain,
  • ancient caves,
  • the luxury Mercure hotel, where you can hide from the heat and have a snack.

At the foot of the view is not so stunning, but here you can learn about the tombs that are older than the Egyptian pyramids, find the fossilized remains of sea creatures, visit the zoo or soak in the healing thermal springs.

Interesting: Jebel Hafeet is often called the highest peak of the UAE, but this is not so – its “height” is 1249 m, which is 676 m lower than Jebel Jays.


Thing to do number 9:  Visit the House-Museum of Sheikh Mohammed

Any tourist who comes to Dubai visits the house-museum of Sheikh. The house-museum of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum is located on the Shindaga peninsula, near the Creek Bay. It is remarkable that it was built by the ancestors of the current ruler of Dubai, the grandfather of Sheikh Mohammed lived here until 1958, where he died. In the House of Sheikh Saeed, meetings of the authorities of Dubai are held.

Tourists will be able to visit the building where the most important political and public issues of the late 19th – mid 20th centuries were resolved. Sheikh Saeed House received the status of a museum in 1986, after restoration carried out by the Government of Dubai. Currently, the museum is listed as a national cultural monument. Sheikh’s dwelling is an ordinary house, like many in the Emirates, but everything here is imbued with the spirit of the Maktum dynasty.

The part of the rooms is dedicated to the history of Dubai:

  • here, tourists will see photos of the Emirate, taken from various angles, including bird’s-eye view.
  • you can get acquainted with the history of the family of Maktoum in the family room.
  • see the scenes from the life of Sheikh Said and his relatives will appear. The culmination of the exhibition are photographs that capture the events of December 2, 1971. (December 2, 1971 – the day of the proclamation of the United Arab Emirates.)

Interesting: In addition to photos, you can see pictures and lithographs depicting the life of the early Emirates in paints before oil was discovered here.


Thing to do number 10: Go to the Unusual Shopping Mall Ibn Battuta Mall

Ibn Battuta Mall is the most unusual shopping center, not only in Dubai, but in all of the United Arab Emirates. This is a landmark in the full sense of the word, and tourists who come to Dubai are simply obliged to see it. Ibn Battuta Mall primarily attracts with its architecture and design.

Mall is named after the famous Arab traveler. Moreover, the shopping center created six zones that correspond to the places Ibn Battuta visited: Egypt, China, Persia, Andalusia, India and Tunisia. Here you can see all the colors of the alluring East. The buildings of Ibn Battuta Mall are made in the style of the countries they personify:

  • Egyptian temples,
  • domes of Ancient Persia,
  • Indian palace in bright colors,
  • red Chinese houses.

Shops, represented in Ibn Battuta Mall, for the most part focused on thrifty buyers. Here you can buy products of such famous brands as H & M, Gant, Nike and others. Here you can also buy souvenirs, accessories, jewelry, household appliances, electronics and household goods. If brands are not too important to you, then in this Dubai Mall you can buy almost everything.

Interesting: In each zone, you will find a landmark characterizing the prototype country. For example, for India it is an elephant with an extraordinary clock on its back, in the zone of China a 25-meter junk is set in the middle of the fountain – a fishing boat.




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I’m Veronica Brown, I’ve been traveling for more than 10 years, traveled to more than 100 countries of the world, sharing with you the most useful and important information on the pages

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