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The most beautiful beaches in the world

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I am Yura Matskevich, traveled around 74 countries, travel is my passion, on pages I share useful information.

beachNowadays many people are waiting for their vacation for the whole year after working hard all the time. Some like having a rest at their countryside house because this variant is the cheapest one. But those who have an opportunity to go abroad and enjoy resting near the warm sea with the hot sand burning your feet and a cool breeze at your face will definitely use this chance. Here we are going to introduce you the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world which are waiting for you! Just close your eyes and


Beach number one: Brazil – Copacabana

Brazil - CopacabanaThe list of the most beautiful places for a beach holiday is demonstrated by the most famous beach Rio de Janeiro, which stretches 4 kilometers in the southern part of the incredibly beautiful city with the same name Rio de Janeiro and it one of the city’s attractions. Brazilians call it the beach “Sea Princess” and it is considered to be the best place for tourists because of:

  • the abundance of hotels
  • entertainment for all tastes

Copacabana is the most popular place in Rio which is full of beautiful apartments and huge penthouses. This area is considered to be a convenient starting point for all trips and excursions, and this is where one of the most prominent festivals in the world takes place on the the New Year’s Eve.

Interesting: Every year on the night of the 31st December more than 2 million tourists visit Copacabana. In addition to the beautiful beaches of Brazil, there are a variety of unusual plants, some of which are among the most amazing and unique in the world.


Beach number two –Whiteheaven Beach, Australia

Whiteheaven Beach, AustraliaWhiteheaven Beach is a huge beach which stretches 6 kilometers with the fine white sand. It is considered to be the best beach in Australia.

The consistency of the sand resembles snow and in the water it turns to something resembling cream. It is unlikely that you can find the better place in the world for:

  • diving,
  • snorkeling.

This tropical weather is warm all year round with the average temperature about 27,4.

The Whiteheaven Beach as well as the Whitesunday island, where it is located, has the status of the National Park in Australia, that’s why in this island there are no hotels. There are extraordinarily beautiful birds which are more than a dozen there.
Interesting: All tourists stop on the neighboring islands, and then sail on this fantastic beach by boats.


Beach number three – Varadero, Cuba

Varadero, CubaVaradero beach is a part of the eponymous resort town and the most famous resort area of Cuba. The beaches here stretch for 20 kilometers and are protected by the largest coral reef of the Caribbean sea. The beach has been recognized by UNESCO in 1992 to be one of the cleanest beaches in the world, and for local residents entrance to the resort area is prohibited. The following things are waiting for happy tourists here:

  • sandy beaches of the hotels,
  • crystal water and sunbathing,
  • yacht cruises,
  • deep sea fishing,
  • trips to a variety of exotic corners of Cuba.

Interesting: If you love nightlife, then in the evening you can go to the nightclubs, discos and restaurants, which Varadero is famous for. The resort is located only 134 kilometers from Havana. Life here is in full swing both during the day and at night.


Beach number four- Hanalei Bay Beach, Hawaii

Hanalei Bay Beach, HawaiiHanalei Bay Beach is the magnificent beach which is located in one of the most beautiful part of the world and if the scenic views are what you’re looking for, then Beach called Hanalei Bay Beach is a must place to visit! Some facts about Hanalei Bay Beach:

  • It looks like almost perfect semicircle resembling a bay with white sand,
  • It is surrounded by waterfalls and magnificent mountains which stretch up to the clouds.

This can be seen by looking at the photos of this beautiful beach. It is located on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, which was voted to be the best island of Hawaii, and the beach was considered to be the best one in the United States in 2009. Kauai is an island with the lush vegetation that covers it from the mountains to the ocean.

Interesting: There are more than 80 kilometers of white sandy beaches. The beach might be crowded with tourists, especially in winter, when the conditions are ideal for surfing, you will not find the more gorgeous view in any other part of the world!


Beach number five – White Beach, Philippines

White Beach, PhilippinesThe White Beach is a beach of white and fine sand which stretches about two meters, where coconut palm trees are located on the Philippine island of Boracay and it is the center of tourist life. This is the perfect place for:

  1. Being a relaxing beach holiday,
  2. Providing you with the outdoor activities.

Boracay is a small island, but nevertheless, it still enters the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Its length is up to 8 km and the width is about 2 km. East coast is separated not more than half an hour away on foot from the west.

Interesting: Throughout there is the coastline stretch of white sand beaches. The island has a variety of opportunities for accommodation – from luxurious hotels to affordable bungalows.


Beach number six- Lombok, Indonesia

Lombok, IndonesiaLombok is the site which covers 80 km of the size of the island, it is located to the north of the island of Bali. The form of the island resembles Indonesian pepper Lombok, hence its name has come. The tourist infrastructure is the most developed in the western part of the island Sendzhidzhi. There tourists can immerse themselves in a state of solitude and closeness to nature. Landscapes of Lombok with its jungles and thickets, coral islands and long clean beaches will impress even the worldly-wise tourists.

This island has recently actively built:

  1. new hotels,
  2. tourist infrastructure.

In the central part of the mountains, Lombok Ridzhani is visible from everywhere having the height of 3726 meters with a crater lake in the middle.

Interesting: Locals worship Ridzhani volcano and say that it is one of four of the highest mountains in Indonesia.


Beach number seven- Palolem, Goa

Palolem, GoaPalolem beach is the perfect place for:

  • independent travelers,
  • surfers,
  • kiters.

Here diving is a very popular kind of sport and there is a special diving center, boat trips, swimming with dolphins and fishing. Among the many attractions of this place, some people will be most attracted by beautiful beaches. Palolem Beach has an interesting crescent shape, and it stretches for 2-3 kilometers, but it is one of the most favorite places for tourists. In search of freedom, here you will find everything you were looking for.

Due to the local nature and very calm caressing sea it is the most popular place for a beach holiday in India. Life here is in full swing, especially in the season, all the hotels are filled to capacity, and on the promenade along the beach is almost overcrowded. Like many other beaches of Goa, night at the sea is full of fun, music is playing and people are dancing until the morning on reggae, rock and live music, enjoying nature.

Interesting: Local nightlife is famous for the fact that among them there are the so-called quiet noisy parties, when people on the beach are dancing with headphones, in which music is playing. Many tourists consider India the better country for its beach and at the same time its nightlife with the opportunity to rest in various nightlubs.


Beach number eight – La Gomera, Canary Islands

La Gomera, Canary IslandsLa Gomera is the island of almost round shape, which area is 372 square kilometers. It has a population of 20 thousand people and it is located close to the bustling Tenerife. Gomera Island is different from most of the Canary Islands. It seems to be created for the perfect soothing relaxation. Tourists come here just to relax on the ocean coast with the black volcanic sand, far from any civilization.

Those who come here are usually engaged in:

  1. surfing,
  2. living on the coast for several days.

Interesting: Highlands Island turned into a giant greenhouse, which gave shelter to almost four hundred plant species that have disappeared in Europe and Africa millions of years ago. Among them there are some that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.


Beach number nine: Matira, Bora Bora

Matira, Bora BoraBeach Matira is located on the south side of the island of Bora Bora. It is considered to be the best and the most popular beach on the island. Its white sand stretches from Bora Bora hotel to Matri Point. Here travelers are sunbathing topless and enjoying the tranquility and serenity of the beach. This place is well cooled by the trade winds. During low tide, you can reach the barrier reef by the end of Matira Point. That is what makes the shallow water boats sail around the island or inside the reef.

The shallow lagoon of Bora Bora is perfect for scuba diving. Another entertainment, which can be enjoyed on Bora Bora are:

  1. kayaks
  2. canoes

Interesting: Using these boats you can swim off the coast. Here you will discover the coral garden filled with amazing tropical fish.


Beach number ten – Wakaya, Fiji

 Wakaya, FijiWakaya Fiji Islands comprise over 300 islands in the South Pacific. Only one third of the island is inhabited, the other islands are the corners of virgin nature. Vakaya is one of the most beautiful places in Fiji, combining new standards of hospitality with unparalleled vacation in the Pacific Ocean. This is the private island of the archipelago Lomaiviti, having an area of 8 square kilometers. It is located west of the main island of Fiji – the island of Viti Levu.

Picturesque landscape offers tourists a lot of beautiful things to enjoy:

  1. rocky cliffs,
  2. lush tropical forests,
  3. rich flora,
  4. beautiful sandy beaches.

Interesting: Vakayya islands provide tourists with the excellent conditions for diving which attracts tourists from all over the world.


Beach number eleven Paradis, Mauritius

Paradis, MauritiusThe coasts of Paradis, Mauritius are famous for coral sand and luxury hotels. From all sides the island is protected by coral reefs, so near the beach, the water is always clear and quiet, making it ideal for:

  1. scuba diving,
  2. walks on yachts.

There you can enjoy:

  1. delightful nature, which hasn’t been touched by the omnipresent hotel business yet,
  2. luxuriant vegetation,
  3. transparent lagoon,
  4. the grand spectacle of the rocky cliffs in the sea both at sunrise and sunset.

Interesting: Beach Morne is located immediately behind the hotel «Paradis», many people consider it to be the most beautiful on the island of Mauritius.


Beach number twelve: Cocoa Island- Maldives

Cocoa Island- MaldivesCocoa Island is a small private island created for lovers looking for privacy and walking on the sand. Small houses are handed down to the ocean, and you literally sleep on the waves. Waking up, you can have a walk about 3 meters and you can find yourself in the crystal clear water, which can be seen through the purest ocean floor.

On the island, you can be busy with the following activities:

  1. do yoga,
  2. take advantage of spa treatments,
  3. diving,
  4. yachting.

Interesting: In general, this little island with its stunning beaches is a dream of every person who wants quality and relax.


Beach number thirteen- Anse Source D`Argent, Seychelles

Anse Source D`Argent, SeychellesWhy is Anse Source D`Argent worth visiting? There are some reasons not to miss an opportunity to visit this place if you have such a chance because:

  1. Anse Source D`Argent is the most famous beach of Seychelles.
  2. It was voted to be one of the best beaches in the world several times.
  3. It is considered to be the most photographed beach in the world and one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Almost all of the Seychelles cards and wallpapers are photographed here. The beach is located within the park named L’Union Estate, the entrance there is not free of charge, but they have such a special offer when every third visit is for free. In fact, it is possible to climb over the fence or in the early morning to walk along the water. The beach consists of a series of small coves, which stretch for one kilometer.

Interesting: The uniqueness of the beach is a large number of large and small granite boulders that littered the shore, some can be found in the water. In some places, you can find “installation” of these boulders, incredibly piled on each other.


Beach number fourteen- Pink Sands, The Bahamas

Pink Sands, The BahamasPink Sands can be considered the best place to visit in our list, though all of beaches that have been mentioned in this article are really great and worth your attention. The most beautiful beach of the world Pink Sands Harbour Island is located in the Bahamas. Its name derived from the fabulous shall beach pinkish sand that is on the background of blue sea.

You can come here even only to enjoy walking on this sand. But there is not the only reason to visit this wonderful beach. Sky makes a tremendous impression on travelers too. Besides, diving enthusiasts will have a true pleasure here. If you love swimming, this place is a real paradise for you because the water is warm and calm almost all year round. The reason is that the beach is protected by coral reefs.

You can enjoy:

  1. the sand,
  2. the sea,
  3. the natural environment of the whole island.

Tourists really feel is very relaxed and comfortable at Pink Sands. If you are planning vacation in the Bahamas, you should have to think about considering this variant, because the best time to travel here is usually from September to May.

Interesting: This piece of paradise has long been visited for their country houses by famous Hollywood stars: Robin Williams, Susan Sarandon, Keith Richards and others.


Beach number fifteen: Beach Nova Icaria, Barcelona

Beach Nova Icaria, BarcelonaBarcelona is famous for its beaches where Beach Nova Icaria is the leader in the list of the best beaches of Barcelona. You cannot only enjoy the warm waters of the Balearic Sea along with its gentle sand but also to engage in outdoor activities – on the beach you can see several sports fields which are stretching for about four hundred meters away. It has a very convenient location near the center of the Catalan capital and this fact attracts crowds of tourists here.

Go if you like spending time like this:

  1. sunbathing,
  2. swimming,
  3. playing sportive games.

Interesting: Adjacent to the beach there is a park of the same name, where you can have a walk in the shade of the trees that can be a good complement to the beach holiday.


Beach number sixteen: Barseloneta, Barcelona

Barseloneta, BarcelonaBarceloneta is another very popular beach in Barcelona. It is located in the city center, which eliminates the problem of transport because the distance is not large. This is a massive beach of Barcelona – it should be treated very carefully to the safety of personal belongings.

On the beach Barseloneta there are:

  1. several restaurants,
  2. bars,
  3. places of hiring umbrellas,
  4. children’s playground.

Interesting: Please be aware that the descent into the Balearic Sea on this beach is relatively steep – keep this in mind when bathing children.


Beach number seventeen: Oludeniz, Turkey

Oludeniz, TurkeyThe magnificent beach of Oludeniz is located on the Mediterranean coast and is considered to be one of the best in Turkey. Despite the fact that its name is translated as “dead sea”, life here is in full swing.

  1. Great sand,
  2. pristine nature,
  3. the beautiful sea.

All of them are integrated into the National park.

Interesting: There is such a great attraction as the “Valley of the Butterflies.” For sure you will remember a visit to this beach for a long time.


Beach number eighteen: Taling Ngam, Samui

Taling Ngam, SamuiSamui Island is considered to be one of the best holiday destinations not only in Asia but worldwide. This beach is a significant contribution to the beauty of these wonderful local beaches, occupying almost the entire coast of the island.

  1. Pure white sand,
  2. clear water,
  3. the ability to find a place for the soul.

All of these things attract thousands of tourists. The island has something for everyone.

As in many other resorts, the island beaches are different from each other in width coastline, slope of the bottom, the intensity of the tide, the number of tourists, development of infrastructure and other less important features. All of these characteristics must be considered when planning a vacation for elderly people or children who want to spend time in silence or have fun. All this is on Samui. And here you can make a virtual trip to one of the most famous and popular beach of the island.

If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of almost complete peace and quietness, then you should definitely go to the beach Taling Ngam which is located in the west of the island, it is a sample of pristine nature. This place is really perfect if you are looking for:

  1. lazy holiday,
  2. sunbathing,
  3. walking,
  4. swimming.

Here you will not see a large number of tourists. On the one hand it is good, but on the other hand it is not for the entertainment lovers because if you want to relax and rest from living in the busy noisy city this choice is exactly what you need. You should take this into account if you need some fun and entertainments then you might feel bored here. Even if you want to buy the products, you have to go to other parts of the island.

Interesting: This beach is an ideal destination for those who want to feel closer to nature and enjoy being at uncrowded place.


Beach number nineteen: Playa del Amor, Mexico

Playa del Amor, MexicoIf you are in love, then you will definitely like this choice because Playa del Amore is considered to be the beach for those who are in love. It will be a perfect destination for your honey moon!

This beach impresses with its really amazing beauty. Playa del Amor is hidden from the strangers’ eyes. But it really exists. This group of islands has been desert for a long time. The entrance to this island has been prohibited as the government protects it well. Now it is allowed to go there if you want to get special excursion. You can reach it from the airplane or using the short underwater tunnel. Here you can enjoy its pristine nature as it has been hidden from people’s eyes. This place can be considered to be the only one natural phenomenon which hasn’t felt human’s influence.

That’s why you can see:

  1. cristal pure water,
  2. white rocks,
  3. clean beach.

Interesting: This place is really very romantic. The beach is located not on the island as usual, but in several hundreds of miles from it.

Hope that you have enjoyed our virtual trip and now have an ability to choose where to spend your real vacation!



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I am Yura Matskevich, traveled around 74 countries, travel is my passion, on pages I share useful information.

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