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12 Most Interesting Places to Visit in Ohio

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I am Yura Matskevich, traveled around 74 countries, travel is my passion, on pages I share useful information.

 OhioOhio has officially got the nickname “Buckeye State”. Among other symbols there are: red carnation, seven-spotted ladybug, the white-tailed deer, red cardinal bird whimsical and, of course, the Charleston dance.

In this part of the United States you will really see these beautiful trees. But it is not the only thing that makes the 17th US state famous. It is also called- “Mother of Presidents” and “Birthplace of Aviation”.

Although Ohio is booming largely due diligence of the local population, in addition to such stable source of income as agriculture and industry, the bet is placed on tourism. There are really many places to visits in Ohio. The motto of Ohio is “With God all things are possible.” It is unknown whether the locals rely on the powers of heaven, or prefer to set their own rules, but this part of the Northwest Territories is considered to be the birthplace of many inventions. Here, the first ambulance in the United States was founded (1865, Cincinnati), the first fire department and in Cleveland the first American traffic in 1914 was established. However, the second most populous city in Ohio is also famous for the fact that its streets got the first electric lights. Besides being first in many spheres, Ohio is well-known for a large number of interesting sights popular among travelers. Here you will find only best must-see places in Ohio State, which are really worth your attention. Let’s start our virtual journey:


Place to visit number 1: Ohio Stadium

Ohio StadiumIt is one of the largest and most visited in the United States. It is located within a small campus of Ohio State University.

Some facts about the stadium:

  • It was opened in 1922.
  • In those years American football was booming, so the existing field could not accommodate the crowds of enthusiastic fans. For the construction of the stadium more than 1.5 million dollars were spent, which at that time was quite a large amount of money.
  • Architect Howard Smith was engaged in the renowned design and construction of the stadium.
  • Arena has a horseshoe shape, which is why the fans are often called – “Horseshoe.” The stands of the stadium are arranged in two tiers. It is equipped with modern systems, including the huge scoreboard.

The capacity of the arena is more than 102 thousand spectators. By this measure it is the third in the United States and the sixth one in the world. Ohio Stadium is the home arena for the teams Ohio State Buckeyes and the Columbus Crew. In addition, it is often used for a variety of sports athletics competitions among school and university teams as well as for music concerts.

Interesting: It is favored by many groups, including Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and Metallica.


Place to visit number 2: Cuyahoga Valley National Park

 Cuyahoga Valley National ParkNational Park is a place where you will find:

  • beautiful waterfalls,
  • caves,
  • rivers.

All this beauty can be seen in the National Park Cuyahoga Valley, though the park is relatively small – about eight hectares. The park is located in Ohio, United States, and is the only one security zone.  It is interesting that the the tourists started visiting the park more than a hundred years ago, when to look at the local beauty you needed to sail by boats on the canal. Park was named in honor of the mother of a man, who first invested in the opening and maintenance of the park. His name was Hayward Kendall. The reserve is a home for both flora and fauna. Here there are about 900 species of plants, many species of birds, over 40 species of fish. The animals you can meet here are:

  • beavers,
  • coyotes,
  • squirrels,
  • wolves.

In Cuyahoga Valley there are such plants as orchids, violets, hyacinths, lady’s slipper, blue phlox.

Interesting: The main attraction of the park is the famous Blue Waterfall.


Place to visit number 3: Cedar Point Amusement Park

Cedar Point Amusement ParkIf you love the thrill, if you are not afraid of steep slopes, high speed and free fall, then you definitely need to visit this park. Cedar Point Amusement Park is located on an area of ​​145 hectares, occupying the entire peninsula. Cedar Point received its first visitors in 1870, and today it is visited by more than 3 million tourists a year.

The park has 72 stunning attractions, including 16 roller coasters. Cedar Point is called the capital of roller-coasters, this is the only amusement park in the world that has four platform height of over 200 meters. When in America you hear the word “hills”, Park Cedar Point comes to mind.

Swing Skyhawk is considered to be the highest in the world, located in the United States, Ohio, Cedar Point in the park. Why is it worth going there?

  • The height of the attraction is 31 meter!
  • It consists of two pairs of huge swings, swinging in opposite directions.
  • Maximum height that can be reached is 35 meters.

For a moment frozen in the highest point of the lift, swing goes down with the speed of 100 kilometers per hour. Travel on a swing takes about a minute, during which the attraction can host about 40 people.

Interesting:  Individuals whose height is less than 1 meter 20 centimeters are not allowed to use this attraction.


Place to visit number 4: Cleveland City, Ohio

 Cleveland City, OhioMeanwhile, in the city there are many attractions worth visiting. Cleveland – a city with many distinctive areas, each of which has its own character and reflects the ethnic, cultural and architectural diversity of the city. The heart of the city is Cleveland Public Square, which is the central square of the city, next to which there are 3 tallest buildings of the city.

On the Public Square there are also many interesting tourist attractions:

  • the ancient church Old Stone Church
  • an impressive monument to soldiers and sailors Soldiers ‘and Sailors’ Monument.

North of the Public Square there is a quarter Civic Center, where there are the City Hall and other important government buildings. But above all, Civic Center is a well-park area covered with greenery. The park consists of three separate areas, called Mall A, B and C. Not far there is a giant sculpture in the form of a press of red Free Stamp.

Interesting: Public Square and the Civic Center are both great places to relax within walking distance to Lake Erie and views of the skyscrapers.


Place to visit number 5: Columbus City, Ohio

Columbus City, OhioIf you arrive in Columbus, you should definitely visit the following sights:

  • botanical garden with rare plants,
  • scientific and art museums, which are located in the city center,
  • Leveque Tower – the skyscraper, built in 20-ies of XX century.

Some visitors find it interesting to look at the building where the government operates. If you start to get bored, take a look around and you will find a lot of interesting locations. Lovers of night urban landscapes like the lights of the business center of the city of Columbus, Ohio.

Use a chance to go to the Easton Town Center, which is a multifunctional shopping and entertainment complex located not far from the downtown. There is a large number of lovely fountains, interesting shops and restaurants, clubs and so on. This place is almost the best in Columbus, if you want to spend your leisure time. The city also has excellent places to visit in Short North area, where there are many shops, art galleries, fine restaurants and popular clubs.

Lovers of historical sites will like the layout of an exact copy of one of the ships of Christopher Columbus – the caravel “Santa Maria”, which is mounted on the anniversary of the discovery of the continent on the shores of downtown Columbus.

Interesting: Columbus city is also popular thanks to the Opera and Symphony Orchestra buildings.


Place to visit number 6: The Great Serpent Mound

The Great Serpent MoundSerpent Mound is the oldest monument of earthen architecture. Figured Mound called Serpent Mound is located near the eponymous crater. Some interesting facts about this place:

  • This amazing creation of Indian culture is located in the neighborhood Adams, its length is 440 meters.
  • The height of the mound, similar in silhouette to a giant reptile is about one and a half meters.
  • It is still unclear who created the longest earthen monument – in the mound there were no artifacts, so far it is known only that it was built around 1050 AD.

The mound can be found within the Serpent Mound State Memorial. It is considered a National Historic Landmark by the Department of Interior.

Interesting: It is believed that the mound, in the form of a snake swallowing an egg represents a solar eclipse. There is another opinion that in the very large size circle Indians lit ritual lights to attract the deity guarding the water, which symbol the snake was.


Place to visit number 7: Lake Erie Islands

 Lake Erie IslandsAcross the water surface of Lake Erie there are both small and large islands:

  • some of them are perfect for fans of the nightlife,
  • while others are suitable for quiet walks.

In the Kellis State Park there is a number of limestone quarries formed in the ice blocks. The shortest of all the Great Lakes, Erie, washes the shores of not only Ohio but also Michigan and Ontario in Canada, Pennsylvania, New York.

Just on the shores of Erie, there is one of the main attractions of Cleveland – Museum of Fame Rock and Roll. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is an impressive architectural structure, filled with iconic artifacts, exhibits, props and breathing the music itself. The museum of Rock and Roll in Cleveland is a must for any tourist, especially if you are not indifferent to the music.

Interesting: In winter, the pond freezes over but the tourists’ number doesn’t decrease in spite of this.


Place to visit number 8: Over-the-Rhine District, Cincinnati, Ohio

Over-the-Rhine District, Cincinnati, OhioHaving gone through a period of rapid growth in the 19th century, Cincinnati at that time could compete with the big cities located on the coast. Once inside the country, in the early period of its development, the city has not received so much European influence that brought immigrants to the eastern cities. Therefore Cincinnati of the beginning of the 1800s can be considered a true American city. Due to river traffic on the Ohio River, the city was soon flooded by settlers from the east, in particular in Cincinnati settled a large number of immigrants from Germany.

Personality and charm of the past can be felt in the northern part of downtown in the area of ​​Over-the-Rhine thanks to:

  • its well-preserved building blocks of the 19th century,
  • the unspoiled historical part of the district listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

District Over-the-Rhine or simply OTR was built up in the 1800s during the mass arrival of German immigrants in the city. However, by the end of the 20th century, many neighborhoods in the area turned into black ghetto with the drug trafficking and crimes. Almost 2/3 of the district buildings are not occupied. The individual blocks of restored area are well maintained, safe and very cute. Many believe that the Over-the-Rhine district resembles Greenwich Village in New York.

What places to visit in Over-the-Rhine District?

  • Building Music Hall, located in the area of ​​Over-the-Rhine, built in 1878,
  • House for Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

Interesting: Monuments and historic architecture of the Over-the-Rhine are organically combined with the modern world-class business center.


Place to visit number 9: Fountain Square, Cincinnati, Ohio

Fountain Square, Cincinnati, OhioThe center of Cincinnati, around which there are skyscrapers, can be regarded a Fountain Square that is the most important city square and the venue for:

  • concerts,
  • festivals,
  • performances,
  • other events.

In winter, the area is used as an ​​open ice rink. Here an annual festival Oktoberfest is being held – the largest festival outside Germany. Naturally, Fountain Square would have been unthinkable without the fountain – Tyler Davidson Fountain: 13-meter fountain-statue of bronze, steel and granite was unveiled back in 1871. In winter, the fountain does not work and starts working yearly in April, the day of the first home game of Cincinnati Reds – the oldest professional team in America. Now, without a doubt, the fountain is one of the main symbols of the city and a popular tourist destination.

Interesting: The area around Fountain Square is filled with lots of great restaurants, specialized shops, hotels and offices.


Place to visit number 10: National Barber Museum  

National Barber Museum National Barber Museum of Ed Jeffers was founded in 1988 on the channel of Winchester, Ohio, USA.

At the time of founding the museum’s exposition consisted only of 10 pieces. Today in the museum, which total area is about ​​1066 square meters there are a few thousand items collected from around the country!

Some facts about the museum:

  • Many of the items were made in the XVIII century.
  • The museum was created with the idea of ​​preserving the history of the barber profession.
  • The founder of the museum – Ed Jeffers served in the National Association of Barbershop America more than 30 years. Ed was working as a barber over 45 years.

This place preserves the history of the barber’s profession, which will be especially interesting for those who work as hairdressers or barbers nowadays. You can compare barber tools used long time ago with all equipment used at the moment.

Interesting: The museum has a shop where you can buy some souvenirs to remember about your visit.


Place to visit number 11: Neil Armstrong Airport

Neil Armstrong AirportThe airport is named after the famous American astronaut. Neil Armstrong Airport is one of the largest airports. It is located in Wapakoneta, in the district Oglez of the US state of Ohio:

  • Its height above sea level is 278 meters.
  • The airport is located 15 kilometers south-west of the central part of the city and occupies a total area of ​​57 hectares.
  • The airport has two runways, which length are 1676 and 802 meters.

Covering of the main strip is made of asphalt, and the shorter additional band is unpaved.

Interesting: In the list of airports of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Airport Neil Armstrong is recorded under code AXV, and in the system of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) KAXV code was assigned.


Place to visit number 12: Cincinnati Abandoned Subway, Ohio

Cincinnati Abandoned Subway, OhioBeneath the streets of the American town of Cincinnati there are tunnels and subway stations that had never been used. Unfinished and abandoned the underground city, named one of the biggest challenges, and one of the biggest failures of Cincinnati. Its construction started in 1920 and finished in 1925. The $ 6 million was allocated for the construction, by the time of the completion of the project funds were all spent and the purpose for the construction of 25 kilometers of tunnels and 12 stations remained unfulfilled.

 The number of planned stations that were built didn’t coincide with those, which were built in reality:

  • 3 km of tunnels,
  • 3 stations.

This place is popular among the state’s visitors who like walking here as Cincinnati Abandoned Subway is a so-called legend of innovations and failure due to political issues.

Interesting: The project was part of the plan for the technological progress of the period, but the Great Depression and the Second World War have left no chance for its existence.



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I am Yura Matskevich, traveled around 74 countries, travel is my passion, on pages I share useful information.

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