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Top-14 Unforgettable Things to Do in Nassau Bahamas

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I’m Veronica Brown, I’ve been traveling for more than 10 years, traveled to more than 100 countries of the world, sharing with you the most useful and important information on the pages

bahamasNassau is the capital of the Bahamas located on the island of New Providence. It is a historical, cultural and business center of the islands. Nassau as a tourist center is interesting for travelers thanks to its monuments of the colonial period, beach rest, and a variety of objects of the modern entertainment industry, and shopping.

Nassau Bahamas is the perfect place for the divine rest thanks to its beautiful beaches with white sand, clear water, coral reefs. It’s great to go for a yacht, water skiing, diving or sport fishing. The most famous beach in Nassau is located on the Paradise Island. It is connected to the city by a bridge. The beach offers a beautiful view of the ocean. The island is suitable for the family rest with children. Many local companies offer students to go in for training in water sports. In a week your child will get swimming skills or, for example, will be able to play water polo.



Thing to do number 1: Get acquainted with the history in the historic center of Nassau

historic center of NassauThe historic center of Nassau with well-preserved buildings of the XVIII-XIX centuries is located around Rawson Square. The city was founded in 1650 by the British and received the name of Charles Town. In 1695, it was renamed Nassau in honor of the fortress of the same name.

Rawson Square is adjoined by two of the most famous streets of Nassau Bay Street and Prince George Warf, which form the crossroads of the old city.

Now this is a busy place – musicians, bankers, hawkers, sailors and tourists gather here. There are many shops, restaurants and cafes on Bay Street. This is one of the main centers of tourism and leisure.

In the Prince George Warf Street there are also shops and cafes that attract sailors and tourists who find themselves in the port of Nassau. Here there is the annual Christmas carnival, which is a must to see.

A little south of Rawson Square is the Parliament Square, where in the late 18th – early 19th centuries administrative buildings were erected. Here you will find:

  • the Parliament,
  • the building of the Colonial Administration,
  • the House of Assembly and the Supreme Court.

Interesting: One of the attractions of the square is also the statue of Queen Victoria.

Thing to do number 2: Enjoy divine rest at the Paradise island

Paradise BahamasParadise is an island in the Bahamas, located to the east of Nassau. Tourists are attracted to the well-known resort of Atlantis. There is a wide variety of excellent facilities for a luxurious holiday:

  • stunning sandy white beaches with coral reefs and clear turquoise waters,
  • wonderful golf courses,
  • a magnificent water park,
  • a popular casino,
  • and excellent shopping.

Paradise is famous for the highest level of service all over the world. On the island there are high-class comfortable hotels. This place is well-known for its bright resort life. Paradise Island is deservedly considered to be the largest tourist center.

Interesting: Here one can see the richest and most famous people from different parts of the world.

Thing to do number 3: Entertain yourself in the Atlantis complex

Atlantis complex BahamasOn the island of Paradise, on the shore of the Caribbean Sea there is a real city of entertainment – the Atlantis complex:

  • palaces,
  • pools with pendant bridges,
  • magnificent beaches.

Almost a third of the territory of the complex is occupied by the “Aquaventure” water amusement park. There is almost a real river, which stretches for 2 kilometers – its current strikes something a stormy stream and cascades, then a slow, lazy movement. A huge number of water slides of the water park for every taste – both extreme and calm. In the vast pool you can swim on the waves that mimic the tide.

There is also a huge aquarium in Atlantis, in which you can see a variety of marine life. In the dolphinarium, you can get to know and communicate with these intelligent animals. Another attraction of the entertainment complex is a labyrinth stylized as the ruins of ancient Atlantis, copies of the Mayan pyramid and a transparent underwater tunnel.

Fans of gambling will be attracted by a local casino, which is the largest among the resorts of the Caribbean Sea.

It should be noted that the hotels located in the “Atlantis” are designed not only for rest with children, for which, it is necessary to pay tribute, here is a real magical country full of surprises and adventures. Many hotels are perfect for romantic couples, moreover, it is possible to have a wedding ceremony or an unusual entertainment program for the newlyweds.

Interesting: A huge number of restaurants and cafes on the territory of the complex will be able to satisfy the most exquisite gourmets.

Thing to do number 4: Buy straw souvenirs at Nassau Straw Market

Nassau Straw MarketThe straw market of Nassau is the largest in the Bahamas and the largest market in the world. It is famous for the fact that on its territory there is a trade of unique handmade straw products:

  • all kinds of baskets,
  • various hats,
  • various mats
  • and a variety of straw crafts.

The Straw Market is located near Bay Street, the main shopping street in the capital of the Bahamas. Almost all tourists who vacation in the Bahamas come here for souvenirs and gifts.

The market is open every day. Here visitors can:

  • try fragrant jelly from guava,
  • feel the originality of the cultural identity,
  • get a lot of interesting impressions,
  • buy unique souvenirs.

Interesting: Nearby there is the Cathedral of Christ and the Queen’s Ladder.

Thing to do number 5: Look at the largest Fort Charlotte

Nassau Fort CharlotteAt the top of the hill near Nassau there is the majestic Fort Charlotte – in fact, a complex of several defensive structures. Fort Charlotte, named after the beloved wife of the King of the Isles of George III, is the largest of them.

The fort is surrounded on all sides by a moat with water, and on the thick battlements there are loopholes everywhere. The thickness of the stone walls is such that they cannot be pierced by the core. The fort is well preserved to the present day. Protected by impenetrable walls, inside the complex soldiers ‘and officers’ barracks were preserved, as well as part of the guns protecting the harbor and adjacent waters: 10 guns from the former 70 and 42 cannons. Currently there is a museum here.

What to do here:

  • Enjoy the splendor of the local landscapes offered by the location on the hill;
  • Spend time on the artificial island Aravak-Kay, where there are many shops and the famous aquarium Crystal Kay Marin Park.

Interesting: The time of the beginning of the powerful construction necessary for the protection from pirate ships dates back to the end of the 18th century (1787).

Thing to do number 6: Look at the Royal Staircase in Nassau

Royal Staircase in NassauThe Royal Staircase in Nassau is the most visited landmark of the city.

In the late 18th century, the construction of a staircase in honor of Queen Victoria, which was on the throne for 65 years, began. The staircase is hollowed out right in one of the hills of the island.

Which facts attract visitors:

  • In the construction of the Royal Staircase more than five hundred slaves participated.
  • Construction lasted for 16 years because the work was difficult because of the hard limestone.
  • In the stairs there are 65 steps – one for each year of the reign of Queen Victoria.

However, the construction of the staircase was never completed due to the enactment of the law on the abolition of slavery in 1834. So no one decided to continue the construction.

And the appointment of the Royal Staircase is to connect Fort Fincastle and the Hospital of Princess Margaret.

Interesting: If you go upstairs, you will be at the top of the mountain, from where you can see the city and the surrounding area.

Thing to do number 7: Dine at the famous restaurant Graycliff

Graycliff NassauGraycliff is a famous restaurant at the Graycliff Hotel, located in Nassau. In the interior of the institution the colonial style of architecture is displayed, and in the property of the restaurant rare wine is stored.

What does the place famous for?

  • In Nassau there are many other cafes and restaurants famous for architectural details, but not many of them look as majestic as Graycliff.
  • The cuisine in the restaurant is European, oriented to every taste.
  • The restaurant Graycliff has a professional and English-speaking staff, ready to serve even the choosiest visitor.

Sure prices in Graycliff are not cheap as luxury is highly valued here.

Interesting: Restaurant Graycliff is a worthy establishment in Nassau, able to surprise not only with the beauty of the interior, but also unique dishes.

Thing to do number 8: Visit the Nassau Public Library

Nassau Public LibraryThe public library of Nassau is located in a building from the late 18th century that has an unusual octagonal shape and a remarkable interior. An interesting historical fact is that the library was organized in the prison: in 1879, the cells for the prisoners radically changed their purpose: a book depository was located in the former dungeons.

There is a reading room and a museum with a collection of:

  • engravings,
  • newspapers,
  • maps,
  • postage stamps
  • and historical documents of the colonial times.

The entrance to the library is free, but you cannot take pictures inside. But from the third floor of the building there is an interesting view of the city.

Interesting: The library performs an important educational function and serves more than 5,000 readers.

Thing to do number 9: Rawson Square

Rawson SquareThe capital of the Bahamas, Nassau is an elegant city near the ocean, which has been on the map of the world since the 17th century. The historical ups and downs of the events that took place here have left their imprint on the face of the city.

The center of Nassau is traditionally considered to be a small Rawson Square. The historical buildings:

  • the house of Churchill,
  • and the neighborhood extends the so-called Old Town, where a number of buildings of the 18-19th centuries are preserved.

Not far from the square there is a large aquarium in the open air. The center of the square is decorated with a statue of Sir Milo Butler, the first Bahamian governor-general.

Interesting: Being the center of the city, the square hosts a variety of festivals and other large-scale city events and, of course, attracts street musicians, hawkers and tourists. Interesting: The constant revival is also facilitated by the abundance of shops, restaurants and cafes.

Thing to do number 10: Visit 3 Places in 1 going to Adastra Gardens

Ardastra Gardens and ZooIn fact, the park, called Adastra Gardens, is a complex that unites:

  • a botanical garden,
  • a zoo,
  • and even a park-preserve.

This fascinating corner of nature is a great opportunity to get to know the flora and fauna of the Caribbean.

Beauty of flamingo flocks especially attracts visitors.

However, the gardens of this place are even more memorable than the representatives of the animal world.

Shady groves of exotic, sometimes completely incredible trees and shrubs, lush bloom unimaginable colors, fragrances – Adastra Gardens embodies the natural beauty of the Bahamas. It is an ideal place for romantic walks.

Interesting: The local zoo has more than 300 animals, it is one of the largest faunistic collections in the region.

Thing to do number 11: Go to the Bahamian Riviera-Cable Beach

Riviera-Cable BeachBahamas is an island where you can relax during any season of the year. Here the weather is stable all year round and there is an abundance of sun. And the local beaches, undoubtedly, offer chic conditions for an idyllic holiday.

Cable Beach, named after the first Bahamas telegraph, is a super popular place in the vicinity of the capital city of Nassau, it is often called the Bahamian Riviera. As a magnet, it attracted all the most famous Bahamian hotels. And this means that it is always lively here among tourists – not only fans of passive recreation.

What makes the rest at the Cable Beach perfect?

  • Palms,
  • cozy splash of waves,
  • gentle sea,
  • and a lazy and widely spread sandy beach.

All these conditions will provide a comfortable and leisurely rest. Excitement and drive can be found in the neighborhood, on the line of fashionable hotels.

Interesting: The beach is bordered by a long line of restaurants and hotels, where all the traditional resort entertainment is concentrated, including casinos and discos.

Thing to do number 12: Look at the underwater statue “Ocean Atlant”

underwater statue “Ocean Atlant”What is especially interesting about the statue:

  • It is the largest underwater sculpture in the world with a height of 5.5 meters and weighing 60 tons is installed.
  • A statue called “Ocean Atlant” depicts a seated girl who tilted her head on her side. According to the idea of its creator, sculptor Jason de Kayres Taylor, – this is a female version of titanium from Greek myths. Only in contrast to ancient Atlanta modern one holds on the shoulders not the sky, but the ocean waters.

“Ocean Atlant” is installed in the framework of an environmental project to create a sculpture park called Sir Nicholas Nuttall Coral Reef. The future underwater park should unload nearby coral reefs and distract the attention of divers so that the ecosystem of the coast can recover.

Jason de Kayres Taylor is considered one of the founders of underwater sculpture. In 2006, he founded and created the world’s first under water park off the coast of Grenada in the West Indies. Now this landmark is included in the top 25 wonders of the world according to National Geographic.

Interesting: The sculpture is made of a pH-neutral material that promotes the growth of corals and other marine flora.

Thing to do number 13: Have a great rest at the Delaporte Beach

Delaporte BeachAmazing beaches – this is one of the main tourist values of the Bahamas. The most popular beaches are on the island of New Providence.

The magnificent Delaporte Beach logically continues the famous Cable Beach.

What makes this beach so attractive for visitors?

  • There is an oasis of luxury life with expensive restaurants and casinos.
  • Only on Delaporte Beach, there are so many expensive hotels and fashionable villas.
  • Here, the natural beauty of the coastline is framed by exquisite buildings in the Venetian style.
  • In addition, there are many unusual shops and restaurants.

Interesting: If you want to experience what lies behind the words “exclusive vacation”, it makes sense to settle on Delaporte Beach.

Thing to do number 14: Visit the original Pirates Museum

pirates museum nassauWant to get into the age of one-eyed corsairs, rivers of Roma and friendly “yo-ho-ho!”? Even in the 21st century there is such an opportunity! The capital of world piracy – Nassau is waiting for those who are not afraid to meet face to face with a pirate era! This museum colorfully diversifies your trip to the Bahamas.

The island of New Providence, on which the capital of the Bahamas of Nassau was founded, was not in vain the center of the rampage of the sea brigands and their main “residence.” On all sides surrounded by reefs, the island was inaccessible to the bulky galleons of the Spaniards. But it is quite accessible for maneuverable vessels of pirates, which, besides the fact that they hid behind the reef shoal from the pursuit, they also caught the ships passing by, replenishing their stocks with gold and delicious trophies.

The pirates justified, literally, their pirate colony on the island, than, at first, the locals were even pleased. Pirates all over the island arranged for themselves homes, taverns and, while staying on the shore, they led an artless life in merry festivities.

The Museum of Pirates impresses with its naturalness. The complex of the museum includes numerous buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries:

  • houses of pirates,
  • places of their merry leisure,
  • a real corsair galleon, in which a pirate interior is very reliably recreated.

Features of expositions of the museum of pirates in Nassau:

  • Smells, sounds, smallest details on board of the ship “Revenge” create such an atmosphere that in a few minutes you won’t remember that outside the cabins of the galleon in the courtyard it is the 21st century.
  • Pirate laws, lifestyle, clothing, life and traditions – this museum will tell everything much more interesting than any history textbook or even an adventure novel.
  • Chests with gold coins, a variety of flags (creative works of Corsair fantasy), cards with buried treasures and even shots from real ship guns and screams from piracy torture can be found here.

Here you can get acquainted with the biographies of outstanding corsairs, learn details of the pirate code and marvel at the boundless imagination on the topic of punishments and torture.

Active participation is welcome. Do you want to travel in the era of sea robbers? Do you mind missing a glass of pirated variation of rum? Visit the captain’s cabin of Henry Morgan himself? Yes please!

In the museum everything is provided in order to completely “dip” you into a pirate atmosphere. Those who have stronger nerves, can go down into the hold, where torture was conducted. Needless to say, all fans of the movie saga “Pirates of the Caribbean” and Jack Sparrow, simply must visit this museum, one of the most interesting places in the Bahamas.

Interesting: The first governor of the capital of the Bahamas was a pirate. His name was Woods Roger.



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I’m Veronica Brown, I’ve been traveling for more than 10 years, traveled to more than 100 countries of the world, sharing with you the most useful and important information on the pages

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